water efficient landscapeAre you looking for water-efficient plants?  Easy care and low-water plants generally remain in high demand among the gardeners across the world.  In order to create a water efficient landscape (WEL) Garden here are few plants you may like for your water-efficient makeovers.

Vine Hill manzanita (Artostaphylos densiflora Howard McMinn):  It is the California native shrub that grows 6 to 10 feet tall and looks beautiful year-round with its wine-red bark and clusters of urn-shaped flowers in the winter – “just when you love to see some beauty in your gardens,”. In case you have small space you may better opt for more compact staying under five feet height “Sunset manzanita” for your garden. Bush anemone (Carpenteria californica Elizabeth) is another such native  handsome shrub that grows up to 8 feet tall and thrives in afternoon shade with its lovely white flowers brightening the entire garden area. California native lilacs (Ceanothus) come in umpteen hybrid varieties including the bright-blue Ray Hartman and Concha, and pale-pink Marie Simon. Ceanothus is really great for the gardens with the striking gold and green variegated Diamond Heights. Read the rest of this entry

Lime Glow Junipers Add Color To Your Winter Garden

lime glow junipersDuring the winter seasons it is a good idea to add a little color in your garden.

Lime Glow creeping juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) is a lovely compact evergreen shrub with its soft, feathery, lime-green summer foliage. During winters you will be surprised with its bronze-purple with pink tips. Its winter color is, of course, nothing compared to all the bright hues in the flamboyant summer garden.

Lime Glow Juniper develops its best color, summer and winter, in full sun. Experts mostly agree on the non-fading summer color of lime-green. But the winter color is variously described as burnished gold, bronze-orange, burnt orange, bronzy copper, and deep purple with pink flashes. Read the rest of this entry

Many gardeners love the shrubs that grow well during winters. Gardeners also keep looking for shrubs that provide winter interest after most flowers and leaves are gone.

Snow Berries are perfect choice for such gardeners.Plump, candy-pink berries ripen in early fall, as the last of summers’ small pink flowers swell into pearls.

As the leaves fall, each arching stem is adorned with decorative berries which remain on slender branches through winter.

Snow Berries are the perfect plants for your winter garden. The compact forms of this plant are suitable for a more prominent place in the front border.

Snow Berries are especially beautiful with a light dusting of snow.

Fall Blooming Camellias are Wonderful Landscape Plants

Camellia sasanqua i.e. fall-blooming camellias are a group of hardy, durable, evergreen shrubs native to Asia. They make spectacular additions to partially shaded landscapes, offering evergreen foliage and showy flowers at a time of the year when most plants are going to bed for the winter.

Several types of fall blooming camellias varieties are available, with habits ranging from low-growing, spreading shrubs to upright vigorous bushes that can be trained to grow as small trees.

Camellia sasanqua usually thrive in areas where azaleas do well.Like azaleas, they prefer to grow in well-drained, acidic soil that has been amended with compost. Though they will grow in full shade, flowering will be more prolific in areas where they get sun for at least a few hours a day. Sasanquas will also grow in full sun but usually look better in areas where they receive some afternoon shade. Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Mild Winter Care For Your Garden

Leaves from deciduous trees decompose much more slowly than other garden waste and should not really be put on the compost heap.

Piled separately, they rot down into leaf mould after about two years and then make a fantastic soil conditioner or mulch. The mould is not rich in nutrients like compost so it is always better not to put it on your vegetable patch. After raking the leaves, it can’t hurt to give the lawn a more vigorous rake to remove the thatch which has been collecting over the summer.

If you have planted pansies in pots or the geraniums in the pots these still could be having potential for a plenty of flowers.You may hope to give them a few more days to flower before they were knocked off by the cold weather. This time these must be flowering away cheerfully, putting on new flowers thanks to the warm weather and regular rainfall.

The shrubs which you might have lightly pruned last month to keep them in trim for winter will soon be getting on a new growth.

Growing Ornamental Trees,Shrubs and Perennials

Fall is a good time to plant ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials as it gives them enough time to grow roots and settle in before their spring growth above ground. And shopping for trees now will give homeowners an opportunity to see the plant’s autumn leaf color. Planting Maple trees is a great temptation in the fall.

Many trees are on sale at a discount these days.You must check their roots before bringing them home. A simple inspection will reveal if they became dry too many times over the years they grew in the can or if they have been in the container for too long.

Slip the root ball out of the container. Ensure that the roots  clearly visible. But if the roots are growing in a circle around the outside of the root ball, you will have to do a little extra work to untangle them before planting. If the roots are larger than your finger, they should be pruned before planting. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Take Stock of Your Landscape

This time of the year amidst intense heat at various places you should put off labor-intensive jobs such as creating new beds (or even reworking old beds), building structures like decks and arbors or major landscape plantings. Instead, you should invest your time in slowly strolling around your gardens in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are somewhat cooler. Stop to take care of some weed issues and try to keep the physical activity to a minimum because it may be too hot to do that.

It would be a better option to take a stock of your own landscape.It is a good time to enjoy beautiful flowers and bright colors of summer bedding plants and tropicals blooming this time of year. You should work hard to create and maintain your gardens — don’t forget to appreciate and enjoy them. Read the rest of this entry

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