Perfect Tips To Prepare Garden and Lawn For Spring

Sprout.There are some extremely important tasks that need to be addressed this gardening season.Start some flowers and other garden plants from seeds weeks before it’s warm enough to transplant them outside. Plants started from seed generally cost far less than you end up paying at the garden store. The timing of planting is really crucial and you must determine when to start plants indoors . Seed packets of those plants which are commonly started indoors usually contain special instructions for when and how to do it.

You can repurpose many would-be throwaway items — including cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, newspaper, egg cartons and even half-eggshells — to serve as miniature, biodegradable seedling pots. Some of the most common plants started from seeds indoors include tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, eggplant and a wide variety of flowers and herbs. If you’re short on sunny window space consider building a simple cold frame in your yard as a place to start seeds up to six weeks before planting season. You can find designs online of how to build cold frames out of inexpensive materials like bales of hay, scrap lumber, plastic sheeting and old windows. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Use Leftover Garden Supplies

garden-suppliesIt is quite probable that you have some leftover garden supplies in your garden shed or garage and may like to use that this spring in your garden. As the spring planting season is running near you should give an attention to some very useful tips to deal with the leftover gardening supplies.

Get rid of the old seeds if they appear dried out or have mold or fungus. Otherwise, these may be planted regardless of the date on the seed packet. If they don’t germinate in a week or 10 days, then sow newly bought seeds. You haven’t lost much in trying old seeds. Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Tomato Transplanting

tomato transplantsHow about growing tomato seeds and transplants indoors?

There are several known methods to get tomato seeds started, While you may opt for any of them you must ensure certain pre-requisites.

It is really crucial that you start with fresh seed. Aging of the seeds with increased exposure could cause them to attempt to come out of dormancy. It is therefore extremely essential that all the necessary factors for germination are properly ensured otherwise the seed development process will stall and the tomato seed will lose viability.

Seeds that are exposed to moisture and heat over time while in storage will activate enzymes which start the germination process. If these seeds are not planted in an appropriate growing medium with a steady supply of moisture, the process will be halted and the seeds will lose viability.  Read the rest of this entry

How To Read Seed Packets Labels

Winter is at its climax with cold, snow, ice, rain, fog — you see it all. January is also the gardening season when seed catalogs and seed displays pop up fast.One week the store aisles are full of holiday clearance, and the next week towers full of little packets promising all sorts of garden wonders appear to inspire and tempt us.

You must have come across variations on packing and labels. Even the big labels are offering more in categories like heirloom and organics. There’s truly something for everyone.

It becomes real important to know and understand what do the terms mean with respect to seeds. Here’s a review of some definitions to consider when making seed purchases.

Annual – An annual lives or grows for only one season. Annual flowers give one season of color to a garden. Most vegetables are annuals too, growing and being harvested in one season. Some annual plants will reseed themselves; with other annuals, seed saving is a possibility. For most annuals, count on one season. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Time To Order Seeds

It is perfect time to place orders for your seeds.If you don’t have enough seed catalogs, borrow some from a friend or go online and search for “garden seeds and plants.”

You will sure locate few great seed companies that will send you a catalog or take your order online. You can search for “garden seeds” and find a treasure trove of seed companies specializing in organic seeds, heirloom varieties, exotic and unusual seeds, as well as your favorite varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs. Don’t overlook the specialty companies, which feature potatoes, garlic or tomatoes. Read the rest of this entry

Dry Seeds Before Planting

Seeds are produced by plants and they vary in size from microscopic to the large “stones” of avocados or mangoes. Every seed contains a degree of residual moisture, even when ripe. In the case of seeds produced inside fleshy fruit such as oranges, papayas and melons, the outside of each pit is initially moist or sticky, and therefore needs to be dried before it can be stored.

Exposure to the sun dehydrates the seeds and even the interior of the seeds is also gets dried up properly. With the process of drying up seeds in the sunlight the seeds are less likely to be affected by mold, mildew, or other rotting agencies. Ideally, seeds should retain between three and seven per cent of moisture. In this condition, they can be stored for a year or more. However, if they are too sere or hard, germination will be difficult.

Many seeds are edible, and are dried for preservation and packaging. But if these small seeds are intended to be sown, excessive heat may remove too much moisture. In this case, it is better to dry them slowly. Read the rest of this entry

Post-Holidays Gardening Activities

You must be enjoying the holidays with full throttle these days and it is quite obvious that you are not paying full attention to your garden and gardening activities owing to celebrations of Christmas holidays.

As soon as you get free from these holidays you will obviously have certain activities that need your attention in the garden. You may start thinking and acting over any or all of these activities as per your convenience during coming days and weeks.

  1. Just surf on the internat and book tickets to any of the forthcoming gardening  shows scheduled in the year 2012.
  2. Clean out the garden shed or garage and reduce, recycle or re-use anything that you might otherwise discard to the every decreasing landfill sites. Read the rest of this entry
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