Perfect City Home Gardening Tips

city home gardeningHaving a perfect garden in cities where space crunch is a big issue needs perfect planning and approach to execute. Setting up a garden and maintaining it also require good gardening practices to be adopted.

Too much of plants and green cover can make the task of upholding their beauty, a very grueling one. Lawns, small rooted plants, flowerpots can enhance the splendor of the garden. Avoid planting deep-rooted plants such as Mangoes and Neem as they can destabilize the foundation of your home.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables

The vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Radish and Carrots can grow in the backyard if properly maintained. Fruits such as gooseberries can add a value to your garden and serve as a juicy treat. The external temperature should be conducive enough for them to survive. Factors such as sunlight, soil and water play an important role in determining their success. It helps to decide on the selection of seeds for the underlying soil layer. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Eco-Friendly Spring Gardening Tips

As the spring season approaches days are getting warmer and longer and that gives more time to spend outdoors in the gardens.

It may be a little cold and even snowy on the ground with sub-freezing temperatures in some parts but it is also the perfect time to start planning your eco-friendly spring gardening regime.

Have you ever thought about whales ever? Why not saving some water for these creatures this year? You can do that easily with more consciousness and effectively in your water usage. It would be great if you invest in some quality hoses and sprayers tto spread the water through the plants, shrubs, and flowers evenly. If you use an automatic timer for your sprinklers, be vigilant in turning them off after a good rain shower.

eco friendly gardeningToo much watering will not only cause damage and stunt the growth of the plants but also dilute the soil and render the fertilizers.

Pest control issues must be handled more carefully. Be gentle with use of sprays on the sensitive flowers. Better adopt practice of  using eco-friendly pest sprays to keep your garden organic.

Harsh chemicals may promise extraordinary growth but cause more damage as well. Adoption of natural and organic gardening solutions could help the environment at the same time.  Read the rest of this entry

Autumn Leaves Enrich Soil

Autumn months are perfect for gathering and saving seeds from desirable landscape plants. It is a good idea to get rid of weed seeds. Leaves are a gardener’s golden opportunity to enrich soil. Do not burn or bag autumn leaves.

Gardeners generally know that leaving dead plant stalks standing in garden beds is never good. Tiny bacterial and fungal spores on infected plant parts spread diseases to plants of the same type next year. It is better to collect then burn or bag and remove from the area diseased leaves, stems, dried fruit, etc. Insects, slugs and other garden pests take shelter in plant remains and woody trash.

Leaves fall to the earth, decompose and become humus. Similarly grasses grow up, then die back laying flat on the ground, then decompose and add organic material to the upper layers of the soil. Read the rest of this entry

In’s survey of its 27,688 professional and recreational gardeners, 20.6 percent of respondents said “vegetable gardening” is the most popular gardening trend. “Small-space gardening” was selected by 17.1 percent and “organic gardening” was chosen by 16.3 percent.

“Vegetable gardening has enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the economy, the price of gas and consumer concerns about the origins of the food they eat,” says John Mitchell, founder of  “Add to that the personal satisfaction you get by growing your own food and it is no wonder vegetable gardening is the most popular trend.” Other findings include:

  • 43.6 percent responded that “yes, you can save money by vegetable, fruit and herb gardening.” Another 28.2 percent said “it doesn’t matter, it’s enjoyable.” Read the rest of this entry

This year the National Hardware Show continues its steady growth in the lawn and garden and outdoor living segments with more than 600 exhibitors showcasing products in categories like birdng, barbeque, fencing, fertilizers, tools, ponding, holiday, irrigation, decor, outdoor lighting, furniture and more.

The show, which runs May 10-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, reflects the overall trends in outdoor rooms, staycations, organic and grow-your-own gardening.

Americans have expanding their living spaces to their backyards, and the Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living section at the National Hardware Show has grown right along with this trend,” says Rich Russo, event director of the show. “The 2011 event will showcase not ony the growing number of products for America’s outdoor rooms, but the latest in green and organic products.” Read the rest of this entry

The Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living area at the National Hardware Show continues its steady growth in 2011, reflecting the growing trends of outdoor rooms, Staycation and organic and “grow-your-own” gardening. The show, which will be held May 10-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will offer the latest product innovations from more than 600 exhibitors.

“Americans have expanded their living spaces to their backyards, and the Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living section at the National Hardware Show has grown right along with this trend,” said Rich Russo, event director, National Hardware Show. “The 2011 event will showcase not only the growing number of products for America’s outdoor rooms, but the latest in green and organic products.”

This year’s event will also feature the first-ever Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living Innovation Awards, to be presented May 11 on the NRHA Stage. These awards focus on innovative new products that compel the merchant to buy in this growing product category. Entries will be on display in the main lobby and will be judged by leading merchants from retailers and distributors, as well as industry experts. Awards will be presented in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention categories.

The days are getting shorter and nights are going long your garden also need special attention. There is still some time and you can be fast to fertilize and aerate if you haven`t done so already. It is time to focus on leaf cleanup and weed control.

Leaf Cleanup:

One of the most common dilemmas for inexperienced homeowners is what to do with leaves from trees. The issue is compounded by the green movement and the advent of the mulching mower. True, leaves are rich in organic matter, yet you should not give into the temptation to run over the leaves with a mulching mower and leave them on the grass. They should be raked off and composted or disposed of before the threat of prolonged snow cover. Leaves left on the lawn, even if they`re mulched, can suffocate the grass, robbing it of vital nutrients and oxygen. Read the rest of this entry

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