shrubsLandscapes cannot be designed elegant way without the presence of shrubs. Shrubs do benefit the environment — filtering the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Shrubs leave lasting impressions of a garden.

Landscape designers usually understand the importance of shrubs and say that herbs are backbone of the gardens. Shrubs ease out on the maintenance issue up to great extent and require low maintenance but add beauty to the garden.

A single shrub can create dramatic, eye-catching focal points. And, once established, shrubs can produce interesting flowers or berries or stem color or even multi-season appeal as they provide food and shelter for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Shrubs can be evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous. Most experts say every garden should have a few shrubs.

While planting shrubs this season in your garden read labels and plant accordingly. And, remember, that during the first growing season, it is important to water shrubs weekly. Read the rest of this entry

Gardens with hedges are great green screens and make natural boundaries, wind breaks, sun shelters, borders and backdrops.There are best plants for hedging and you may choose the ones as you like.

A small hedge that can be used as a border around the garden is Rosemary. Its compact and tight foliage gives a dense hedge that is also great for cooking.

Medium hedges up to a metre high are perfect for lining paths and dividing a garden into rooms. Buxus is great, and a native variety of it , westringia is far better, because it is as tough as old boots and grows well in most spots. It also has a smoky silver to the leaf that helps to add light to a garden. Read the rest of this entry

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