Grow Fabulous Indoor Gardening Plants

phalaenopsis_hybridHow about growing some fabulous indoor plants in your homes? If you visit the garden store nearby your area then you will find umpteen plants and varieties in different shapes and sizes and colors. Some of these are with architectural and colorful foliage and others with the most amazing flowers. As long as you put them in the right place and water them regularly, most are surprisingly easy to grow.

Indoor plants such as dragon trees, rubber plants or spider plants are good reliable plants to start with.

Peperomia is a little plant with amazing glossy leaves in green and burgundy. Other great looking leaf forms include Peperomia Caperata, Peperomia Obtusifolia and the silvery leaved Peperomia Aargyrei . All these plants need to be kept in light shade and little away from These are also classy desk plants. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Take Care of Your Houseplants

houseplantsAs the summer season progresses in you need to shift your houseplants indoors from the outside. Not doing this could infect your houseplants with flying insects or aphids and other small pests.

Aphids are tiny little sapsuckers live and feed in groups on the stems of plants. They can be different colors including white, green, brown or even orange. To treat aphids indoors, add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to a gallon of water and wash the whole plant with the solution. You can help the process along by rubbing the stems with your fingers or a cotton ball. Let it set for a few minutes, then rinse well.

Mites are very small insects and can form a thin web over the plant. Affected plants’ leaves may appear spotted and, if there are flowers, they may start to look unhealthy. Try blasting off the mites with water. You can do this by setting the plant in the sink and using the sprayer. You can also use the same method we talked about for aphids. Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Tomato Transplanting

tomato transplantsHow about growing tomato seeds and transplants indoors?

There are several known methods to get tomato seeds started, While you may opt for any of them you must ensure certain pre-requisites.

It is really crucial that you start with fresh seed. Aging of the seeds with increased exposure could cause them to attempt to come out of dormancy. It is therefore extremely essential that all the necessary factors for germination are properly ensured otherwise the seed development process will stall and the tomato seed will lose viability.

Seeds that are exposed to moisture and heat over time while in storage will activate enzymes which start the germination process. If these seeds are not planted in an appropriate growing medium with a steady supply of moisture, the process will be halted and the seeds will lose viability.  Read the rest of this entry

Grow Vibrant Flowering Houseplants in Winters

jasmineGardening indoors is great enjoyment and best use of time when snow flies. You can grow beautiful blooms with plenty of easy-to-grow flowering houseplants.

Majority of such plants are not intended for outdoor gardens as these are not winter-hardy. So, it is best to keep them as houseplants only and better indoors.

Jasmine’s flowering vine spreads sweet fragrance around. Usually grown on a topiary frame or ring, jasmine bears tubular white and light-pink flowers. They prefer high light levels, but not direct sun, and evenly moist soils. Winter Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) is one of the easiest species to grow indoors during winters. Read the rest of this entry

Perennials in containers make a great gardening combination, but you need to take a little extra care otherwise they will quickly go to pot if overlooked in the winter.

Plant roots are vulnerable to freezing in containers, where the soil hardens more than it would in the ground. Stems and branches — particularly those on small trees and shrubs — need protection from the deep chill as well as from snow and ice.

Containers should be cared for to prevent splintering and crumbling.

Leonard Perry, an extension horticulturist with the University of Vermont opines that, “The most important thing you can do when overwintering container plants is ensure that they’re vigorous and established.” Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Alive

It is not too tough to keep a houseplant alive if you take a little care of the plant.Making a plant thrive is easy if you follow these simple tips ;

The worst enemy of any houseplant is too much water.

You must apply the Moss’ trick: Dip a finger into the soil up to the first knuckle joint, and if the tip of your finger is wet when you pull it out, then there’s no need to water.

Give your plant a fighting chance, select one that matches your habits.

Be honest with yourself — are you really going to remember to water it? If not, stick with a succulent variety, such as cactus or aloe, which can go weeks without attention. Read the rest of this entry

Rex begonia is a beautiful indoor plant. It could take its place as a cornerstone of holiday decorations.

Rex Begonias are primarily indoor plants known for their colorful and textured foliage. The name is derived from the Latin word for king, and the foliage certainly looks like royalty. The coarse- textured leaves are colorful, with streaks and splashes of silver, cream and burgundy.

Outstanding ymmetry of the leaves’ spiraling shape adds to the beauty of Rex begonia. This spiral design is repeated in nature, from the shells of the nautilus to great galaxies in outer space, and it is a very pleasing shape. Read the rest of this entry

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