Creative garden lighting concentrates on subtle schemes that create atmosphere and enhance the planting, garden features, and architecture. Suitable lighting serves many purposes. A garden that has been “designed” – one with focal points, structured layout, good planting and a sense of perspective are more likely to bring out the best from lighting design but any outdoor space is benefited by suitable lighting.

The creative use of light and shadow is the key to achieving good results, as only this will provide depth. Excessive lighting and indiscriminate use of floodlights is the most common error that results in garish illumination and a flat perspective. Creative garden lighting taps into the richness of textures, forms and colours. To be able to design an effective lighting system for your outdoors, begin by understanding the role you want lights to play in the use and enjoyment of the exterior. This will have fundamental implications for planning power source, circuits, positions and types of control. Read the rest of this entry

Gardeners and homeowners should be aware that bees — both managed colonies of honeybees and wild bees alike — are in real danger simply because of Colony Collapse Disorder and other environmental factors.

Research shows that wild honeybee populations have dropped 25 percent since 1990, and more than 50 pollinator species are threatened or endangered. Planting a pollinator-friendly garden may be one of the best ways to help these beneficial insects, say experts in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Create A Gorgeous Side Yard

Side yards are normally overlooked by the homeowners and gardeners.You will easily spot the “side yards” with their tall fences or dense-growing evergreen screens between homes as some of the most underutilized areas in the landscape.

Side yards are those tricky areas between a house and its property line. Most of us use these areas merely as passageways between the front and back yards, a place for the air-conditioning unit or the storage of trash and recycling containers.Generally, grass doesn’t grow well there, and the scraggly bits that do are a nuisance to cut.

Many homeowners simply put their blinders on and resignedly tolerate the area. But one must understand that every square foot of outdoor property is horticulturally valuable. Read the rest of this entry

Flooded laundry rooms, overflowing  toilets, and aquariums with dirty water gives real problems. Portable and rechargeable water pumps are now in the market to help homeowners and gardeners. These new portable and rechargeable water pumps control overflowing or leaking water which is one of the most common causes of household damage. These modern days appliances are quite dependable and portable water pump that equips consumers with an immediate solution for excess water removal.

Commonly used portable and rechargeable water pumps come with a compact size  7″ by 3.25″ by 5.5″ and lightweight up to 4-5 pounds. It is ideal for a wide range of home applications including routine hot tub cleanings, and aquarium, clogged sink, toilet, wet basement, and laundry room draining. It is also equally effective in removing water from small marine craft such as kayaks, dinghies, canoes, and sailboats.

The portable and rechargeable water pumps run on a safe, low voltage battery, which is fully submersible and can be used to pump out fresh or salt water. It includes a submersible pump, eight-foot hose, rechargeable NiMH battery, and charging station. It also connects to any standard garden hose; and, with a 200-gallon per charge pump capacity, it resolves household water mishaps easily with the simple twist of a switch.

Vegetable Gardening Tips For Home Gardens

Vegetable gardens not only add to the beauty of your home garden but also help you save money substantially. Home gardeners should know that not all vegetables should be planted year round.

Different types of Vegetables grow in accordance to their optimal growing conditions, which often hinge on climate. For example, tomatoes are popular among home gardeners.

For the healthy growth of tomatoes, the soil should be warm and the sun above should be hot. If planted in the winter, tomatoes aren’t likely to ripen and they could very well attract harmful garden pests. Some vegetables, however, actually prefer colder climates.

Similarly the “Cauliflower”,is not suitable comfortable with the typical hot summer sun and will likely wilt before reaching maturity if planted in the summertime. Instead, cauliflower often thrives with colder soil and steady rainfall. When planting vegetables in a home garden, homeowners should always consider

At the same time the home gardeners have to keep in mind the seasonal changes. Such changes enable gardeners to have fresh vegetables at their disposal almost year-round.

The homeowners and householders have been advised about a new and quality oriented trend that is emerging globally for this year and possibly for coming years ahead is to find products and services which will help reducing their overall energy consumption.

More and more people are becoming concerned about their impact on the environment. Homeowners are especially interested in means and ways in the bathroom,kitchen,garden, and general power use. People are looking for ways to reduce what they use.

Both energy and water saving devices are likely to see a strong increase in interest in the coming months as some aspects of the bathroom become more technology based. Read the rest of this entry

The days are getting shorter and nights are going long your garden also need special attention. There is still some time and you can be fast to fertilize and aerate if you haven`t done so already. It is time to focus on leaf cleanup and weed control.

Leaf Cleanup:

One of the most common dilemmas for inexperienced homeowners is what to do with leaves from trees. The issue is compounded by the green movement and the advent of the mulching mower. True, leaves are rich in organic matter, yet you should not give into the temptation to run over the leaves with a mulching mower and leave them on the grass. They should be raked off and composted or disposed of before the threat of prolonged snow cover. Leaves left on the lawn, even if they`re mulched, can suffocate the grass, robbing it of vital nutrients and oxygen. Read the rest of this entry

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