soil-thermometerA vegetable gardener must have an inexpensive tool i.e. a soil thermometer.

A good quality soil thermometer helps throwing all guesswork away. As an experienced vegetable gardener knows , soil is the best indicator of when to plant a particular vegetable in the garden. Measuring soil temperature is the best and easiest way to determine timing for planting irrespective of the climatic conditions.

During the early spring season, you can plant cool-season vegetables such as peas and kale. This would not be good time to plant warm season varieties. Better keep them off.

Here is a brief description about the particular crop that will germinate at a particular soil temperature;

1. Below 40 degrees:      arugula, fava beans, kale, lettuce, pak choy, parsnips, peas, radicchio, radishes and spinach seed. Read the rest of this entry

Homegrown Crop Vegetables For Your Garden

crop vegetablesSpring season is the best time to plant crop vegetables.  April is a great month to sow pea, lettuce, spinach, carrot and beet seeds.  You can also start with potatoes and onions.  When selecting seeds a good rule of thumb is to choose disease resistant varieties – you’ll just have fewer problems in the garden.

Always plant vegetables you like and ones that your family will eat.  Radishes can be planted now and will mature in about 20 to 30 days.  For a continuous harvest, sow seeds every 7 to 10 days until late spring.  Carrots are similar to radishes in that they can be sown in intervals for a continuous harvest from early spring to early August.

Leafy greens include lettuce, spinach, collards, and kale.  All of these plants tend to become bitter with the onset of hot weather and their quality diminishes quickly.  For lettuce try “Black Seeded Simpson” or “Salad Bowl.” Read the rest of this entry

Growing Fruits and Vegetables Up On Trellis

trellisGardeners now need to share the responsibility to grow vegetables with optimum nutrients in their gardens. They should prefer growing the biggest, fastest-maturing fruits and vegetables on the planet. At the same time they also need to deal with dilute natural fertilizers, and pay attention to taking good care of the soil. That is the real mantra for producing high quality fruits and vegetables.

In order to maximize your food production from a small lot or even a balcony you need to grow “up.” That means we must erect a trellis of some kind. You could set poles, bamboo, conduit pipes, PVC or even rebar, in containers, and tie up string trellises.

String trellises could easily be bought from the garden centers, but it adds up cost when in use for years altogether. Read the rest of this entry

Start Up Vegetable Gardening Tips

It is far more relevant today to convert a little patch of your property into a source of organic food. Quality and cost control are the prime factors for suggesting such a growth-advocacy. Expert gardeners will tell you that there is a special kind of joy in planting, growing, picking and serving the freshest produce possible.

According to recent estimates nearly 30 percent of residential homes in North America alone cultivate a vegetable garden and have revealed that the growing season can be full of surprises. Sometimes, the winter will leave much more moisture in the ground than the year before, but other times, drought will hamper your harvest and so will heat, insects, weeds and plant disease. Read the rest of this entry

Growing your own vegetables is now immensely popular gardening activity. There are several methods and techniques to grow vegetables, even if limited to a small gardening area.

Irrespective of the space, when growing vegetables, the sunlight needs to be enough and sufficient. By and large about six hours of sunlight as a minimum would be the optimum requirement.

Leafy vegetables will still produce in the partial shade, including lettuce, chard, spinach, mustard greens and cabbage. Root crops, such as radishes and carrots, and fruit crops, such as tomatoes and peppers, will produce much less as sun turns to shade. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Grow A Garden With Small Space

You must be one of those who would love to grow their own fresh vegetables, but you could be also one of those who feel that they are running short on time and above all do not have that space to grow a garden for your food and vegetables. If you’ve got space for a pot of flowers on the patio or balcony, then you, too, can grow vegetables.

To create a garden where conditions are ideal for growing vegetables just ensure that you a small space with full sun, well-drained soil, away from trees and shrubs, close to a source of water, and reasonably level ground.

In case if you do not have all these and specifically the area or space , you still can garden in less-than-ideal settings.

Expert gardeners have developed several new gardening techniques for getting the most production out of a limited amount of space. One of such method would be to use wide spaces between rows to make maintenance easier, but, instead, you can plant in shorter blocks of wide bands. Interplant a fast growing crop with a slower growing crop, so that by the time the slower grower needs more space, the faster one has been harvested. Read the rest of this entry

With a major famine unfolding in Niger and other countries of West Africa’s dry Sahelian region, an agricultural scientist speaking here today at the African Green Revolution Forum announced new progress in disseminating an innovative system for irrigated vegetable production—a valuable option in a region that is highly dependent on subsistence rainfed cropping. 

Referred to as the African Market Garden, the new system will be implemented with about 7,000 small-scale farmers at 100 locations in Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso and Senegal, with the aim of extending the success of 3,000 gardens already established in countries of the Sahel during recent years. Support for the expansion comes from the governments of Israel, Italy, Switzerland and the USA and from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Bank, and various international foundations and NGOs.  Read the rest of this entry

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