shrubsLandscapes cannot be designed elegant way without the presence of shrubs. Shrubs do benefit the environment — filtering the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Shrubs leave lasting impressions of a garden.

Landscape designers usually understand the importance of shrubs and say that herbs are backbone of the gardens. Shrubs ease out on the maintenance issue up to great extent and require low maintenance but add beauty to the garden.

A single shrub can create dramatic, eye-catching focal points. And, once established, shrubs can produce interesting flowers or berries or stem color or even multi-season appeal as they provide food and shelter for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Shrubs can be evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous. Most experts say every garden should have a few shrubs.

While planting shrubs this season in your garden read labels and plant accordingly. And, remember, that during the first growing season, it is important to water shrubs weekly. Read the rest of this entry

rainstorm gardeningHeavy rains, rain-storms, and cooling temperatures, all become a big cause of worry for gardeners during the spring season. Protecting garden from these natural risks is extremely important else the hard work invested in a lovely garden may go waste in destruction. You need to take necessary steps to protect your garden so that it grows happily during entire spring.

It becomes extremely essential in the spring to harden your plants. This means setting your bedding plants outside for a few days before you plant them. It will help the plants prepare themselves for the harsh conditions they will face during a cool spring. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Soft and Hard Landscaping Tips

hard landscapingGardens generally have two types of landscaping materials, i.e. soft and hard materials. In common parlance “soft landscaping” refers to plants, trees and lawns while the “hard landscaping” includes non-living objects such as paving, fencing and other structural features.

In order to give an elegant landscaping appearance you need to plan very carefully for each and every element. Hard as well as soft landscaping depends largely on how and what to use in your garden. Any wrong choice will give your garden landscape an awful look and you may end up with utter failure.

Soft Landscaping

The age-old-gardening-saying, “right plant at right place” holds true with the soft landscaping and it is not just limited to the plants but also goes well with the flower beds. Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Selecting Bare Root Plants

bare root plantsPlanting bare root trees and shrubs in your garden would be a great idea and if you intend to do so the time is ripe now.

Bare root trees are generally remaining dormant and also not very attractive in their appearance but their addition to your garden is truly deserved.

Your selection of bare root plants should be on a wider scale preferably. Care for your own interest as well while selecting plants. Check if your interest and selection fits well with your garden. For instance, you may like to have some particular tropical plant in your garden but during the moderate and/or chilling winter temperatures may not help them in surviving. Conversely, there could be plants that need more winter chill to blossom and fruit. So be careful while selecting bare root plants, shrubs, and trees for your garden.

You may easily locate and find bare root plants, trees, and shrubs, suitable for your local climate in local garden centers. During the season it becomes far easier.

You may also opt for mail-order-supplies as well. There are umpteen such suppliers offering much greater range of choices. However, you need to take care of the out of pocket expenses as for retail the costs could go a little high.

Perfect City Home Gardening Tips

city home gardeningHaving a perfect garden in cities where space crunch is a big issue needs perfect planning and approach to execute. Setting up a garden and maintaining it also require good gardening practices to be adopted.

Too much of plants and green cover can make the task of upholding their beauty, a very grueling one. Lawns, small rooted plants, flowerpots can enhance the splendor of the garden. Avoid planting deep-rooted plants such as Mangoes and Neem as they can destabilize the foundation of your home.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables

The vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Radish and Carrots can grow in the backyard if properly maintained. Fruits such as gooseberries can add a value to your garden and serve as a juicy treat. The external temperature should be conducive enough for them to survive. Factors such as sunlight, soil and water play an important role in determining their success. It helps to decide on the selection of seeds for the underlying soil layer. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Mold and Fungal Diseases Control Tips

mold and fungal diseases in plantsDuring the month of July gardeners must be cautious of development of mold and fungal diseases in their gardens.

It is extremely important in gardening to monitor for mold and fungal diseases. If your flower garden having annuals and early blooming perennials has started appearing shaggy then it would be better to trim these plants back to improve appearance and promote more bushy growth. Trimming plants will further facilitate increased air circulation around adjacent and later-blooming plants. This in turn will reduce drastically the conducive growth for mold, mildew and fungus.

The vegetable gardeners should preferably use straw as a mulch to retain soil moisture and reduce fluctuations in soil temperatures. Straw will also serve as a potential barrier between fruits and vegetables and the damp soil. Do not ignore the factor of ensuring good air circulation which is needed to reduce probability of occurrence of mold and fungal diseases in the vegetable garden. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips on Creating A Garden For Old Age

gardening for disabledGardens and gardening help reducing isolation and depression. Gardeners must stretch before and after gardening. Gardening is great exercise, but overdoing in a burst of enthusiasm after inactivity can contribute to joint or back injuries. Sit down when weeding. Bending over causes back strain and poor balance. Sit on the ground or use a low stool or beach chair. Use a wagon to collect weeds or move tools or soil. Use kneepads and wear garden gloves.

Always use lightweight, bright-colored, sharp, long-handled tools for less bending. Keep garden paths clear of tools or other tripping hazards. Pathways should be widened up for wheelchairs or walkers. A smooth path, paved with bark mulch or gravel, is safer than stepping stones. Read the rest of this entry

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