coleus plantAny container garden is incomplete without the coleus plants. Magnificent colors of this plant add a totally different look to the garden. These days technological applications like tissue culture and propagation techniques have enhanced ease of growing these plants in growing numbers. You can easily give your home container garden an exciting look with coleus plants.

Gardeners also know that taxonomical genesis of the coleus plant has its Latin name as Solenostemon, but it’s currently called Plectranthus scutellarioides.

Gardeners love to grow coleus plants as annuals. Coleus are tender perennials and can be overwintered indoors. Large plants tend to “age” rather quickly when brought inside and are prone to disease. The easiest way to propagate them is to take cuttings that root in water in a flash – about 3 to 5 days. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Succulents Caring Tips

Succulents make amazing additions to a garden. Their shapes, colors, flowers and textures can add variety to any planting bed or container.
Although succulents are durable and tough you need to take proper care and pay due attention.
Succulents typically originate from the semiarid regions with irregular rainfall.
Forthcoming winter will require your special attention to protect succulents from frost. If you are growing succulents in containers, move them under a tree or the eaves of your house. Succulents grown in open garden can be protected overnight with a cover no heavier than a sheet; but be sure to remove that cover in the morning, so no moisture gets trapped underneath it to cause disease or pest problems. Keep these plants on the dry side. Read the rest of this entry

Five Perfect Tips For Conatiner Gardening

Planting in containers is pretty easier. Container gardening is the cheaper and lower-intensity maintenance compared to the in-ground gardens.

Water and fertilizer can be concentrated on roots, rather than surrounding soil. And, best of all, you don’t have to bend down as far to pull weeds!

With little tricks and useful tips you can easily create a lovely container garden. But there are certain specific mistakes every gardener must avoid while growing plants in containers.

Do Not Use Wrong Containers

When repotting the plant in the new container never use a wrong size container. Choose a container about 1 to 1.5 inch bigger than the current container. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Grow A Garden With Small Space

You must be one of those who would love to grow their own fresh vegetables, but you could be also one of those who feel that they are running short on time and above all do not have that space to grow a garden for your food and vegetables. If you’ve got space for a pot of flowers on the patio or balcony, then you, too, can grow vegetables.

To create a garden where conditions are ideal for growing vegetables just ensure that you a small space with full sun, well-drained soil, away from trees and shrubs, close to a source of water, and reasonably level ground.

In case if you do not have all these and specifically the area or space , you still can garden in less-than-ideal settings.

Expert gardeners have developed several new gardening techniques for getting the most production out of a limited amount of space. One of such method would be to use wide spaces between rows to make maintenance easier, but, instead, you can plant in shorter blocks of wide bands. Interplant a fast growing crop with a slower growing crop, so that by the time the slower grower needs more space, the faster one has been harvested. Read the rest of this entry

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