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Perfect Bird Feeding Tips

bird feedingWhile feeding birds during wintertime you must keep on providing food and water during nesting season. Natural food sources may not be readily available during spring season, and time spent on the nest or tending to new hatchlings leaves fewer hours for birds to hunt food. Cold can put a damper on spring blossoms which leaves birds and butterflies looking hard and long for nectar and pollen. Most plants have not yet produced a crop of seeds or nuts this season, and freezing nighttime temps can lessen the number of insects available to birds foraging for meals.

Residents who keep bird feeders, bird baths and / or nesting boxes in place while birds raise their spring broods not only help their feathered friends provide for their young, they can also enjoy watching the bird’s comings and goings. Read the rest of this entry

Deciduous Trees For Your Winter Garden

lombardy poplarPassing through the February winters while the spring may officially be a few weeks away, gardeners know that it is a good time to embrace winter and make the most of it and let spring come when it is good and gosh darn ready.

Winter can be a delightful time of the year in the garden. Deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and it is a good time to reflect on the forms they leave behind. Deciduous trees and shrubs remind of the popular terms associated with like “vase shaped” or “columnar” or “globe shaped” or “weeping”. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips For Growing Winter Flowering Shrubs

witch hazelWinter-flowering shrubs ,trees and flowers open up a new opportunity for gardeners to exploit the potential of the winter garden in all its beauty by growing some of the season’s most beautiful woody plants.

Witch hazels, is a deciduous, winter-flowering shrub. There are many winter growing plants with their crumpled petals in various shades of copper, gold, burnt orange, ember-red and lemon-yellow.

Depending on the variety, the witch hazel’s elegantly ragged flowers can appear on starkly bare stems from as early as Christmas or as late as March. They last an average of six weeks and despite their apparent fragility, are defiant of even the iciest winter weather. Read the rest of this entry

Growing Vegetables Outdoors All Winter Long

Hoop frameIt is indeed possible if the plants are kept properly warm. It would be good to cover the plants during winters, tucking them in and letting the natural light do all the work. Learning this to do with a little skill  would enable you to harvest fresh homegrown vegetables any time of year.

Gardeners know it well that planting vegetables normally wouldn’t grow well in winter. Every generation seems to have a better idea and sometimes these ideas give birth to new ideas.

An innovative idea would be to extend the growing season by at least a month on either end with the raised bed hoop house.  The wooden raised bed with required dimensions needs to be installed with flexibility for removable hoops that could be draped heavy with clear plastic. The bed could be as long as we wanted. The plastic should be used to keep out the cold air but let the sunlight in. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Grow A Black Flower Garden

black flowersThere are umpteen black flowers varieties to spice up your garden. A black flower garden with pops of silver, white or red could be quite dramatic.

“Black Velvet” petunias grow well in containers and hanging baskets and do best in full sun. They grow to a height of 8 to 12 inches.

“Black Coral” elephant ears is a tropical flowering plant with large-leaves that thrive in moist soil in full sun, but will do fine in lower light situations. You will need a large container for this plant and can also be placed at the edge of pond or even submerged in shallow water at the pond’s edge. Read the rest of this entry

Evergreen Plants and Shrubs For Winter Garden

winter shrubWinter gardens would look great with the evergreen plants as well as the large shrubs and these are also favorites among the winter gardeners.

Top of the list of winter-value shrubs is Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’. You will also find February flowers with stunning scent. For a winter garden you may also select growing Sarcococca hookeriana which is tolerant of deep shade. The large gardens will of course embrace the “cartwheel” mahonias (such as ‘Lionel Fortescue’).

Other leafy favourites are Olearia ilicifoliaPittosporum ‘Silver Queen’, ‘Irene Paterson’, or ‘Tom Thumb’, also Drimys winteri,Brachyglottis monroi and Phlomis chrysophylla. The tiny dusky-dull leaves of Corokia ‘Bronze King’ cheer up a boring laurel backdrop. Read the rest of this entry

Lime Glow Junipers Add Color To Your Winter Garden

lime glow junipersDuring the winter seasons it is a good idea to add a little color in your garden.

Lime Glow creeping juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) is a lovely compact evergreen shrub with its soft, feathery, lime-green summer foliage. During winters you will be surprised with its bronze-purple with pink tips. Its winter color is, of course, nothing compared to all the bright hues in the flamboyant summer garden.

Lime Glow Juniper develops its best color, summer and winter, in full sun. Experts mostly agree on the non-fading summer color of lime-green. But the winter color is variously described as burnished gold, bronze-orange, burnt orange, bronzy copper, and deep purple with pink flashes. Read the rest of this entry

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