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fragrant plantsFor a garden full of fragrances you need to select suitable plants that keep a sweet-smelling garden year-round.

There are many plants that add fragrance to the interior or exterior garden including trees, shrubs, vines and perennials.

Trees that could add fragrance to your garden may include ylang-ylang, citrus, magnolia, frangipani and wild cinnamon.

Shrubs such as lemon grass, gardenia, angel’s trumpet, rosemary, spice-wood and sweet viburnum will also keep your garden fresh and live. For a ground cover or a vine, plants with fragrance include mint, scented geraniums, confederate jasmine, creeping thyme, oregano and honeysuckle. Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Summer

climatisIt’s time to ready the garden for summer. The preparation you make now will help you enjoy the garden later.

The first step is to clean up the lawn and the beds. Take out the rake and make sure the leaves are off the lawn and the perennial beds, and make sure they don’t cover the area where you will soon plant annuals. Pick up any tree limbs that landed on the lawn, driveway or walkways.

Pruning often contributes to a healthier tree or shrub, but each plant has its pruning time. A rhododendron or azalea, which are shrubs that bloom in the spring, need pruning in mid-summer after their flowers have gone.

Dead limbs of trees and shrubs need to be cut so that the plant will enjoy more vigor. Since such limbs only burden the plant, cutting them off helps the plant as the growing season progresses. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Take Care of Your Houseplants

houseplantsAs the summer season progresses in you need to shift your houseplants indoors from the outside. Not doing this could infect your houseplants with flying insects or aphids and other small pests.

Aphids are tiny little sapsuckers live and feed in groups on the stems of plants. They can be different colors including white, green, brown or even orange. To treat aphids indoors, add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to a gallon of water and wash the whole plant with the solution. You can help the process along by rubbing the stems with your fingers or a cotton ball. Let it set for a few minutes, then rinse well.

Mites are very small insects and can form a thin web over the plant. Affected plants’ leaves may appear spotted and, if there are flowers, they may start to look unhealthy. Try blasting off the mites with water. You can do this by setting the plant in the sink and using the sprayer. You can also use the same method we talked about for aphids. Read the rest of this entry

ornamental winter plantsAll gardeners love their gardens and buying plants, but the economy has not sufficiently rebounded for most people to make large purchases of plants.

Ornamental plants usually go slow in sales partly due to the cool weather and partly due to the sluggish economy, with one exception — the sales of edibles, fruit trees and vegetable plants is increasing, for some garden centres as much as a 10-15 per cent increase. It comes as no surprise to those of us who are interested in growing our own veggies and food security that edible plants are one of the most popular plants sold at garden centres.

Despite the cool weather , now is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and even annuals. Planting during cool weather is ideal for most hardy ornamentals, since they will take advantage of the abundant rainfall and cool temperatures to grow roots before the heat of summer arrives. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Winter Houseplants

poinsettiasPoinsettias, Norfolk pines, Christmas cactus, cyclamen and rosemary are the plants and flowers that people generally love buying to decorate their homes and to give them as Christmas Gifts. It becomes challenging if you do not know how to care for these popular holiday plants. Here are few good gardening tips for you.

Poinsettia: This is the most frequently purchased plant for Christmas. It ranges from tones of red to white. The colored leafy bracts, which we think of as flowers, can be smooth, deeply lobed or tightly crinkled as with ‘Winter Rose’. Read the rest of this entry

Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’:Perfect Christmas Gift

This time of the year there is a designated first-out-of-storage Christmas decoration in almost every home.

Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’ , the ceramic Christmas tree has a perfect conical shape with the coating of pine green glaze.

This plant emits a cozy glow thanks to tiny, multi-colored lights that sit on the branch tips.

This is also one of the perfect Christmas gift and everyone in your family will appreciate it. Holiday decoration is the other plus of this plant.

This trendy succulent is blessed with leaves the size of a business card, the shape of a paddle and a delicious silvery blue-green color, edged in soft red. Each pair sits opposite another pair along a stubby central stem.

Like most succulents, it’s at home in desert zones.  ‘Flapjack’ forms a tall triangle, its leaves gradually tapering in size as they reach the top. Read the rest of this entry

How To Grow Signature Red Holiday Color Poinsettias

The poinsettia is a unique favorite plant for the holidays. Poinsettia is a typical sun-loving tropical plant from Mexico.

Poinsettias are tropical plants, and aren’t at all cold-hardy, but can survive quite well year-round outdoors.

Select a good spot where the plant will get plenty of morning sun, but has light or partial shade in the hot afternoon.

With poinsettias, you must balance its needs between water and sun. They like soil that is somewhat cool and evenly moist, so the partial shade is best. However, it’s not a wetland plant, so don’t pick a spot where water will stand or puddle. The soil should be well-drained and rich. Read the rest of this entry

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