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Home Insulation Solutions For Homeowners

home insulationInsulation is one of the many home improvement solutions available to a homeowner today. Insulation essentially means covering the extremities of the house so as to prevent any kind of impact of the outside weather on the inside environment.

Insulating materials would seal all the possible sources of air flow. Therefore, the conditioned temperature maintained by the heating and the cooling devices are not lost. Since there is no extra load on these heating and cooling devices, utility bills automatically decrease.

The ideal time to install insulation would be during its construction. However, in case that it is not possible, you can always go in for retrofit insulation. The attic is one of the major sources of heat exchange. Therefore, attic insulation makes for one of the most significant of all retrofitting procedures. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Winter Houseplants

poinsettiasPoinsettias, Norfolk pines, Christmas cactus, cyclamen and rosemary are the plants and flowers that people generally love buying to decorate their homes and to give them as Christmas Gifts. It becomes challenging if you do not know how to care for these popular holiday plants. Here are few good gardening tips for you.

Poinsettia: This is the most frequently purchased plant for Christmas. It ranges from tones of red to white. The colored leafy bracts, which we think of as flowers, can be smooth, deeply lobed or tightly crinkled as with ‘Winter Rose’. Read the rest of this entry

Dwarf Conifers are Perfect For Small Spaces

These days the newer houses and condominiums have smaller yards and if you grow staple plants you will go short of space very quickly.

Modern windows often are so well insulated that the window feature reaches almost to the ground. Smaller foundation plants that grow slowly and require little or no pruning over the years are an ideal match for such sites.

Dwarf conifers could be one of the best choices to be grown under such living conditions where smaller, slower growing plants would be more suitable.

Conifers are cone-bearing evergreens. Their colors range from pale moonbeam yellow to bold gold, from lime green to olive and from almost black to silver or steel blue. Some are variegated. Most have needle-like leaves that are retained all year. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Day With Blooming Flowers

Christmas Day celebrations in homes require a lot to organize and you would sure want to enjoy the day with all love and beauty. Flowers are sure one of the most lovable and needed items in your decorations.

You could still find some room for a few plants or bunch of seasonal flowers and if these are from your own garden then it would be double the pleasure.Hydrangeas flowers and plants display several spectacular colors and put on a real show. Hydrangeas are really versatile and will work well with a range of flowers and ideas. You could try including some silver foliage highlights to varieties with cooler colored flowers such as green or white. Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Growing A Miniature Garden

Miniature gardens are inexpensive, can be created in a few hours, are accessible for all ages, and appeal to seniors who have had to give up their gardens.

Growing little plants in trough and alpine gardens is a long-standing tradition. Miniature gardens are about creating an entirely new world, like the one discovered by Gulliver when he washed up on the shores of Lilliput.

When integrating mini-scenes into a larger garden, you may prevent a patchwork look by dividing the spaces into garden rooms using “hedges” of ornamental grasses or walls built of tiny bricks. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Low Maintenance Landscape Designing Tips

Many of the home gardens have  typical “hardscapes,” combinations of walls, pavers, pergolas and water features. One thing most of them have in common is being over-planted. Some of the home gardens look lie “plant collections,” with one each of many different species and some other have mass-plantings. There could always be a better way to fill landscape beds with color without appearing cluttered.Otherwise most of the designs will have twice or three times the number of plants needed and will become much too crowded in a short time.

Not many landscape designers really know about plants. You can easily spot out many examples of plant combinations that won’t thrive because the plants need different growing conditions. A good example is combining hostas, which need shade protection, with ornamental grasses that prefer full sun all day. This might work on a color wheel, but with time, the wonderful color harmonies will disappear because some of the plants won’t survive.

Overcrowding and poor plant choices will make maintenance a real headache during the long haul. Woody plants that grow too large will need to be sheared  constantly to fit the space and keep them looking good. Read the rest of this entry

Last year, stink bugs invaded homes up and down the eastern seaboard, hiding in cracks for warmth and feeding on crops. Last year, $37 million worth of apple crop was destroyed as well as $15 million of peach crop.

This year, the stinkers have awakened from hibernation, mated, and are now ready to take on your home and garden with a renewed force that some say is going to be even stronger than last year’s.

Here are five perfect tips to protect your home from becoming a stink bug halfway house.

  1. Seal up any cracks however you can. Plug holes with wire mesh and be sure to put tight screens over attack windows. They can get through anything larger than the width of a pencil, so keep that in mind.
  2.  Try to keep leafy plants away from your house, since this is their source of food. This sounds kind of extreme, but it can be as simple as staking your plants so they don’t touch your house or garage. If you’ve got tomato plants in your garden, bad news: Stunk bugs love tomatoes, so your house will be more at risk. Read the rest of this entry
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