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The homeowners and householders have been advised about a new and quality oriented trend that is emerging globally for this year and possibly for coming years ahead is to find products and services which will help reducing their overall energy consumption.

More and more people are becoming concerned about their impact on the environment. Homeowners are especially interested in means and ways in the bathroom,kitchen,garden, and general power use. People are looking for ways to reduce what they use.

Both energy and water saving devices are likely to see a strong increase in interest in the coming months as some aspects of the bathroom become more technology based. Read the rest of this entry

The retail databooks are based on key market value data for eight major product sectors, 16 core retail distribution channels and 62 countries. This profile focuses on home improvement and gardening supplies retailers in the Czech Republic and provides data on channel size. It also offers information on main markets sold through the channel, and includes growth forecasts upto 2013.


*An overview of total retail value in this country segmented by retail channel

*The value of sales through this key retail channel from 2003 to 2008 and forecasts to 2013

*Channel value segmented by the major markets sold through it. Read the rest of this entry

Weatherization & Insulation:Home Imrovement Tips

Home improvement solutions available in the market augment the overall appeal of your living space. Such solutions not only beautify the house but also heighten the efficiency and safety quotient of the house. Weatherization and insulation make for such utility- saving home improvement solutions.

Weatherization is the technique of sealing any source of air flow inside the house. This is achieved by sealing gaps that were left during the installation of weathervane, chimney or door. All the openings are completely blocked in order to make a barrier between the house and the outside environment. Read the rest of this entry

Consumer confidence is close to the lowest it’s been since the late 80’s. Home prices are dropping, foreclosures are rising, and fuel costs are high. While the news can be depressing, the impact can benefit homeowners planning home improvements. The housing slump is affecting home remodeling contractors and the home improvement stores that supply the construction materials. Many home improvement and lumber merchants are starting campaigns to mark down prices.

“This is providing the homeowner with more bargaining power and less expensive home improvement projects,” said Debra, owner of Westmoreland Contractor Referral Service. The housing slump is introducing new competition into the remodeling arena. Smaller homebuilders are actually diversifying their businesses to survive the downturn. Read the rest of this entry

Homeowners looking to upgrade their home this spring should realize that not all remodeling and renovation projects will yield a full return on their investment,according to the president of the Appraisal Institute.. 

“When it comes to home improvement projects, especially in today’s economy, not every renovation or remodeling effort will pay off when the owner sells their home,” said Appraisal Institute President Leslie Sellers, MAI, SRA. “Consumers need to be aware that cost does not necessarily equal value.”

For consumers looking to upgrade and possibly sell their houses this spring, Sellers has put together a quick list of advice that real estate appraisers often share with homeowners.

Here are five useful’ Tips for Homeowners”:

  1. Emphasize the essentials over the extras by investing in basic upgrades, such as fresh paint (use neutral colors) and new fixtures.
  2. Know that curb appeal is vital; exterior projects can sometimes provide a greater return on investment than interior projects.
  3. Avoid over-improvement by sticking to what’s proportional in your neighborhood.
  4. Consider adding a bathroom, bedroom or renovating the kitchen, which are appealing features for home buyers.
  5. Projects that add square footage to bring a house up to – but not significantly beyond – community norms typically yield good returns.

Sellers also recommends that homeowners who are serious about knowing their home’s value hire a professional real estate appraiser. Appraisers can help by providing honest, ethical valuation advice regarding which renovation projects will yield the greatest return on investment.

“Smart financial choices start by knowing what’s standard in a community and how to improve a home so that the homeowner can maximize return on investment while limiting liabilities,” Sellers said. “Getting accurate knowledge of how different improvements can impact the value of your property is where hiring a professional real estate appraiser with local market knowledge can help determine which home renovations make the most dollars and sense.”

Appraisers provide unbiased, data-supported opinions of value that are governed by a federally-mandated professional code of practice. An appraiser can help a homeowner consider different renovation options by conducting a feasibility study, in which the appraiser will analyze the homeowner’s property, weigh the cost of rehabilitation and provide an estimate of the property’s value both before and after the improvement.

 The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) recommends that the homeowners should integrate disaster-resistance into their remodeling plans this year.

According to a recent American Express Spending & Saving Tracker survey, 62 percent of homeowners polled said they, “plan to embark on home improvement projects in 2010 and spend an average of $6,200 on enhancements.”

“Home improvements are a great way to increase a home’s curb appeal and value,” said Julie Rochman, president & CEO of IBHS. “However, those improvements won’t mean much if the home is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster. With hurricane season approaching, and given the year-round danger of wildfire, hail and other severe storms across the country, homeowners should make disaster-resistance part of their home improvement plans.

For example, when installing a new roof cover select one that is appropriate for the hazards in your area and take advantage of the opportunity re-roofing offers to strengthen your roof. For hail, wildfire and high winds/hurricanes, it is important to strip the old roof cover down to the sheathing. Most roofing products and particularly shingles resist hail impact best when they are installed on a smooth firm surface. In areas with a high hail risk, choose a Class 4 impact resistant product. Read the rest of this entry

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