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Perfect City Home Gardening Tips

city home gardeningHaving a perfect garden in cities where space crunch is a big issue needs perfect planning and approach to execute. Setting up a garden and maintaining it also require good gardening practices to be adopted.

Too much of plants and green cover can make the task of upholding their beauty, a very grueling one. Lawns, small rooted plants, flowerpots can enhance the splendor of the garden. Avoid planting deep-rooted plants such as Mangoes and Neem as they can destabilize the foundation of your home.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables

The vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Radish and Carrots can grow in the backyard if properly maintained. Fruits such as gooseberries can add a value to your garden and serve as a juicy treat. The external temperature should be conducive enough for them to survive. Factors such as sunlight, soil and water play an important role in determining their success. It helps to decide on the selection of seeds for the underlying soil layer. Read the rest of this entry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProduce grown in your own backyard is fresh, nutritious, and economical. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your vascular health. Better still, gardening is good exercise.

Increasingly popular, Americans are applying their green thumbs in backyard, window box, rooftop, and community garden plots. They’re growing their own fruits (strawberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes, and melons) and vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers).

Their results are a health and wealth bonanza. One dollar invested in a community garden plot yields $6 worth of vegetables according to the article, Health Benefits of Urban Agriculture: Public Health and Food Security on Read the rest of this entry

Grow Cherry Trees With Attractive Bark

cherry treeThere are actually two cherry species that have great looking peeling bark. One is the Prunus maackii which can grow up to 35 to 45 feet tall. The bark peels similarly to a birch tree except that the color of the bark can range from shiny red to brownish yellow to cinnamon brown. You need to see the tree before choosing one so you can have the desired color of peeling bark. Not all of these trees have the bright color.

Also, 2- to 3-inch spikes of white flowers bloom in early to mid-May. It does have the common name of Amur chokecherry, which means birds will try to feed on the red-to-black maturing fruits. That can lead to small trees popping up wherever the soil is disturbed by cultivation when these seeds land in it.

Another cherry tree, Prunus serrula, can grow to 20 to 30 feet tall. This tree has a glistening bark surface that is a red-brown, mahogany in color. The flowers on this tree also appear in early to mid-May. They are larger than 1/2 of an inch and appear in groups of two or three. This tree is a little harder to find in nurseries but makes a tree of great beauty especially during the winter months.

Perfect Early Spring Gardening Tips

spring gardeningAs the spring season approaching crocus, daffodils, and snowdrops have a good time to  pop from the ground to unveil their colorful and magical flowers.  

You will also find good growth in veggies like lettuce, kale, cabbage and Swiss chard. There is still time to plant seed potatoes, onion sets or plants along with broccoli, the green leafy veggies and the root crops like carrots, beets, and radish.

These veggies and crops will grow better and yield more harvest the quicker you plant them. Waiting too long will leave you battling with summer heat and will produce less fresh produce to enjoy at your table and to share with family and friends. You can plant the cool season crops all the way into early April but the sooner you plant them the more produce you will get.  Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Care Your Apples Trees

applesApple growers usually irrigate their trees so their apples can be almost twice the size of homegrown ones.

If your apple trees are producing smaller than usual fruit apples then it may be because of the heat stress.  Some apple fruits might have been vigorously pecked by birds desperate for food. There may be a chance of observing signs of codling moth.

First thing for you you to do is to pick the smaller ones from clusters to give the others more chance of getting to a reasonable size, and reducing the ability for apples to touch and transfer or harbour pests. Ensure that your apple trees are well mulched several times a year when the soil is moist, but there’s not much point in mulching too deeply when the soil is super-dry, as it will be hard for occasional showers to penetrate the soil. Read the rest of this entry

Growing Fruits and Vegetables Up On Trellis

trellisGardeners now need to share the responsibility to grow vegetables with optimum nutrients in their gardens. They should prefer growing the biggest, fastest-maturing fruits and vegetables on the planet. At the same time they also need to deal with dilute natural fertilizers, and pay attention to taking good care of the soil. That is the real mantra for producing high quality fruits and vegetables.

In order to maximize your food production from a small lot or even a balcony you need to grow “up.” That means we must erect a trellis of some kind. You could set poles, bamboo, conduit pipes, PVC or even rebar, in containers, and tie up string trellises.

String trellises could easily be bought from the garden centers, but it adds up cost when in use for years altogether. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Herb Gardening Tips

herb gardenHome gardening gets perfect with the herbs. Herbs are perfect to grow in pots, baskets, window boxes and at the back door. Now days the herb gardens are gaining popularity. Even the office spaces in cities do have dedicated space for growing herbs and salad which add to the taste of the workers giving them fresh herbs in sandwiches and salads for lunch.

It is always advised for planting mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, rosemary and sage. Blend suitable soil-aid into the soil to help maintain good moisture levels in the ground. Soft annual herbs are not very forgiving if the soil totally dries out.

At the same time sowing coriander, dill, chervil, rocket and borage into the trays of Seed Raising Mix will also add good taste to the herb garden. Read the rest of this entry

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