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Perfect Aquaponic Gardening Tips

What do discarded bathtubs, spent IBC Tote shipping containers, and recycled plastic storage barrels have in common?

They can all be easily converted into inexpensive backyard aquaponic food growing systems with the help of now avaialable specific Aquaponic Gardening Kits. 

Aquaponics is a unique, synergistic growing technique in which fish and plants are grown together. The fish waste feeds the plants using organic hydroponic techniques. The plants, in turn, clean and filter the water that returns to the fish environment.

Aquaponic gardening needs less than 10% of the water used by traditional soil based growing methods and sustainably produces food that is 100% organic, with no worries about pesticides or mercury. The system waters and fertilizes itself, is free of weeds, and can be set up at waist height, thereby eliminating most of the mundane chores and back pain associated with conventional gardening.

Making large items headed for the trash heap into fish and vegetable producing systems is not only a unique way to produce food, but also helps us reduce our overall burden on the planet. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that in the U.S., the waste coming from construction and demolition debris accounts for 20% of all landfill waste.

What if some portion of this could be used to grow food? “The best sustainable design transforms waste into exciting new products.” states Sylvia Bernstein, President of The Aquaponic Source. “With these systems you are doing that twice. First, by reusing discarded tubs and containers and second by naturally converting fish waste into the organic fertilizer needed to grow spectacular plants, all through aquaponics.”

Everyone is going green these days. Everything from new home construction, rehab building, green certification and now this new wave of green gold in the form of hydroponics.

Michigan is the center of attention with its sudden wave of hydroponic super outlets allowing indoor growers to shop for super nutrients.

These stores have picked up a lot of followers on the web and their popularity is rising. The buzzword here is that indoor growing is red hot for cash crops. Organic produce is a big money maker for health food stores. It is no big secret that a lot of these big organic grocers buy from local producers. Read the rest of this entry

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