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Community Gardeners Remain Healthier For Long

A new study led by University of Colorado scholars shows that community gardeners harvest better health, as well as stronger connections to their neighborhoods.

Community gardeners eat more vegetables, exercise more, weigh less and feel healthier than non-gardeners — and even home gardeners — in the Denver-metro area, researchers found. Read the rest of this entry

The essential gardening tools include digging forks for digging out all the root crops , hand clippers (scissors) and harvesting knives for cutting all the greens.Japanese knives and putty knives for weeding are also very useful community gardening tools.  Hand trowels for transplanting; big salad spinners for drying greens; pitch forks and shovels for making compost and lots of love, patience and acceptance around the weather that mother nature sends our way are some of the really essential community gardening tools and elements.Even if you are taking care of a small garden in your backyard, there are a few essential gardening tools that you still need to have:

  1. A shovel to dig holes, move piles of debris, place compost in the right place, get leaves into the wheelbarrow and turn soil. It is an indispensable tool for beginning and season gardeners alike! Read the rest of this entry

Advantages of Therapeutic Gardening

There are several advantages of therapeutic gardening that will help you feel better and stay healthy longer, according to decades of research, mainly conducted in Europe and Asia. Digging, planting, watering, and harvesting are good for a myriad of ills, research suggests:

Light lifting, bending, and twisting helps keep old muscles strong and limber. You may consider raised beds if you’re over 60 to avoid back strain.

The social aspects that are often part of gardening are good for mental health and building social skills. Read the rest of this entry

Julie Astonis, an Australian housewife from Brisbane, and her communities North Lakes, have stood out from hundreds of other communities in the Best Master- planned Community Competition, and ranked as Redcliffe’s top ten best community.

Days before the 42th World Earth Day, Xinhua reporter made a special trip to visit Julie, in a move to expand understanding on the practices general Australian families do to protect the environment.

Even though Autumn has been approaching Brisbane in April, we can still see colorful blooming flowers in Julie’s exquisite little garden while Julie greeted us from her front-yard. Read the rest of this entry

Gardening as an activity and enjoyment is both individual’s pleasure and community contribution at the same time. Gardening is not an activity that can be accomplished in isolation. It is the earth, its nature, and the community at large which is always associated with gardening .As a gardener coming closer to the community will bring more knowledge and understanding about several related issues at one time.

Among many other resources that help in coming closer to the community and other fellow gardeners across the globe the internet has no competitor. An online resource base is kind of an unparalleled base for knowledge and sharing gardening concepts and ideas with each other.

In the terminology of the online inter-communication platform or simply the internet this is more popularly known as the “forum’. Online forums are aplenty even in gardening arena. A little online search on Google will open an entirely new world of information for any gardener.

There are several gardening forums and communities existing on the internet and growing exponentially. It is even more interesting to note that these gardening forums are focused on different objectives. You will spot forums that are general in nature and share and contribute almost every aspect related to gardening. Read the rest of this entry

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