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Perfect Tips To Use Leftover Garden Supplies

garden-suppliesIt is quite probable that you have some leftover garden supplies in your garden shed or garage and may like to use that this spring in your garden. As the spring planting season is running near you should give an attention to some very useful tips to deal with the leftover gardening supplies.

Get rid of the old seeds if they appear dried out or have mold or fungus. Otherwise, these may be planted regardless of the date on the seed packet. If they don’t germinate in a week or 10 days, then sow newly bought seeds. You haven’t lost much in trying old seeds. Read the rest of this entry

Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’:Perfect Christmas Gift

This time of the year there is a designated first-out-of-storage Christmas decoration in almost every home.

Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’ , the ceramic Christmas tree has a perfect conical shape with the coating of pine green glaze.

This plant emits a cozy glow thanks to tiny, multi-colored lights that sit on the branch tips.

This is also one of the perfect Christmas gift and everyone in your family will appreciate it. Holiday decoration is the other plus of this plant.

This trendy succulent is blessed with leaves the size of a business card, the shape of a paddle and a delicious silvery blue-green color, edged in soft red. Each pair sits opposite another pair along a stubby central stem.

Like most succulents, it’s at home in desert zones.  ‘Flapjack’ forms a tall triangle, its leaves gradually tapering in size as they reach the top. Read the rest of this entry

Recreate Christmas With Pine Tree

Lovely scent of pine is in the house will make you feel happy for the Christmas Eve carols, then presents, holidays and fun.

There are eco-alternatives to buying a cut pine tree, such as potted Christmas trees – usually small pines or cypresses. You may buy a prickly cypress in a pot.If you do have space to plant a small pine, then go for it.

You could also try recreating pine tree smell if you want to avoid cutting down a tree.

Go for trimming shoots from a wilding pine tree then wind the foliage in a loose wreath around the base of your artificial tree, or at your front door. Or set up a large vase with pine foliage as a backing to the flowers.

Alternatively, go hunting pine cones and put some in a basket by a sunny window, so pine fragrance will permeate the air.

Fall is Best Time For Soil Testing

The first action that should come in your mind once you start diagnosing a plant problem in your own garden is to go for soil testing.Many problems in lawns and gardens can be easily rectified if the owner knows the condition of the soil.

Fall is an appropriate time of the year to go for soil testing. It becomes even more prudent if adding organic soil amendments that can take longer to become available to plants. A quality soil report serves as a primary tool and the first step for getting any lawn and garden off to a great start as well as maintaining it through the year.

There are two prime responsible factors for healthy plants: Putting the right plant in the right place; and feeding the soil, and letting the soil feed the plants.

Making sure your soil is healthy will provide the conditions and nutrients your plants and lawn need to thrive. A soil test is a simple — but important — step in assessing some of the most basic elements. Consistently amending soil with compost and other organic matter will put you well on your way to ideal soil conditions. The soil testing results would sure be an eye-opening experience and well worth the small investment. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Frost Protection Tips For Your Plants

Temperatures during winter nights frequently drops below freezing several times a year. For the vineyard owners there are expensive ways to deal with this frost and they install expensive wind machines or overhead sprinkling systems to protect their valuable crops. For the home gardeners those expensive plant protections would not be an option.

For all the home gardeners the easiest and most practical method of frost-protection is to select and grow cold-tolerant plants in your garden.  here are top ten frost-protection methods for your help;

  1. Choose the site for frost-tender plants carefully. Know better about the microclimates in your area as well as your garden. Avoid low areas where pockets of cold air collect and open ground exposed to wind. Most probably the warmest place in your garden would like be a wind-facing wall with an overhang.
  2. Monitor irrigation carefully. Water-stressed plants are much more susceptible to frost damage. Moist soil holds heat better than dry soil. Give plants a little more water a day or so before frost is expected and then again after frost has hit.
  3. Resisting fertilizing during such times will help not to stimulate new growth. Tender young shoots are easily damaged by frost. Start your feeding program after the last frost in spring and stop in late summer.
  4. Pruning also stimulates growth. You must avoid pruning frost-tender plants in fall or winter to prevent new growth from emerging. Because of the prevalence of succulent young growth and flower buds, late spring frosts can be the most damaging. Read the rest of this entry

Buying Garden Tools and Equipment

With a little serious efforts in  the Fall you’ll likely find the best deals of the year on all types of gardening  tools, equipment and other supplies – with the possible exception of snow  blowers, chain saws, and snow shovels.

This time of the year is perfect for hunting for  used lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and other lawn and garden equipment, since many  people dump their used equipment at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales  at the end of the season. Read the rest of this entry

5 Perfect All Time Gardening Tools

From gas-powered tillers to electric hedge trimmers, there’s no shortage of power tools to  help you maintain your garden. But while these tools can be helpful, you don’t  need a shed bursting with high-end gear to grow a vibrant garden. Instead, focus  on the basics — these essential tools that every gardener should master before  moving on to the more expensive gardening toys.

Trowel and hand rake

Before you can plant a garden, you first need to do  a little digging. A trowel and hand rake are two essential tools for planting  small seedlings, breaking up clumps of dirt and weeding between your plants.

For bigger tasks, you’re going to want to turn to a  shovel and garden fork, the bigger siblings of the trowel and hand rake. Use  these to loosen large patches of packed soil or dig holes for saplings. Read the rest of this entry

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