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After the recession, the decision is not only based on how much a certain garden furniture or tool costs but also, for how long it can be used. This is not only important from the perspective of any garden section portfolio .

A slow, but stabile change can be noticed in the turnover of the gardening products. Not only did the decrease experienced in certain areas stop, but increase started in other areas. Customers are seemingly looking for offers with good price-value ratio: both the turnover of the least expensive items and those of higher price and reliable quality are increasing. A growing number of people say “I cannot afford to buy cheap products.”

Naturally, there are significant differences within the assortment of many thousands of different gardening items. The turnover of pleasure gardens has started to increase already and has shown an on-going demand for monocarp and balcony plants, bushes and evergreens. What’s more, the turnover of rhododendrons, for example, has tripled since then. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Recycling Tips For Gardeners

In gardening one man’s junk becomes the jewels for a gardener. Recycling is the most recent message spread across the globe by the Chelsea Flower Show.

Chelsea unveiled its new artisan gardens category for the first time this year, where designers were asked to use natural, sustainably resourced materials in an artistic manner.

Second-hand shops, reclamation yards and even car boot sales can provide an Aladdin’s cave of unusual containers and statues, chimney pots which can be upended to house colourful plants, quirky garden seating and ornaments.

Old railway platform seats and seating from boats have been put to use in the past, while DIY enthusiasts have constructed seats featuring little more than a short piece of scaffolding plank resting on two neat piles of old bricks. Read the rest of this entry

Ladder Safety Tips For Home and Garden

Ladders are tools. Many of the basic safety rules that apply to most tools also apply to the safe use of a ladder.Various activities in homes like home decoration, home improvements, painting, storage as well as the gardening activities may require use of ladders for one or another purposes.The American Ladder Institute outlines very useful tips while using ladders of different types.

  • If you feel tired or dizzy, or are prone to losing your balance, stay off the ladder.
  • Do not use ladders in high winds or storms.
  • Wear clean slip-resistant shoes. Shoes with leather soles are not appropriate for ladder use since they are not considered sufficiently slip-resistant.
  • Before using a ladder, inspect it to confirm it is in good working condition.
  • Ladders with loose or missing parts must be rejected. Read the rest of this entry

How To Make A Potting Bench For Your Garden

Gardeners generally use the benches  for potting flowers and small seedlings. Potting benches help you become more efficient.You can easily have all your garden tools within arm’s reach when potting plants.

Potting benches are available in many materials from wood to vinyl.Building a potting bech by yourself is an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

You need to decide about the location of the potting bech in your garden.Put the bench in a shady spot so you’re not working in direct sun, experts recommend. Consider whether to incorporate the bench into the landscape or hide it behind a garage or shed. Remember that a potting bench can get messy and cluttered. Read the rest of this entry

New Easy Swivel Mechanism By Sun Garden

Sun Garden, a German manufacturer of casual furniture items, has unveiled the patent-pending Easy Swivel mechanism, which allows for 20 positions of easy swiveling.

This product enhancement is available on all models of the patented Easy Sun parasol – the 11 1/2-ft. octagon, 10 1/2-ft. square, 9 1/2-ft. oval and 13-ft. Curve.

“This is the newest addition to the best-selling Easy Sun lineup and will be highlighted in key strategic partners stores this spring. Sun Garden is excited to improve upon a great mainstay in our industry,” said Mike Mallory, director of sales.(Source: CasualLiving.Com)

Perfect Tips To Create A Lovely Garden Hideaway

1. In your area the libraries or the bookstores must be having tons of books devoted to the subject of garden design. There are also many gardening magazines that highlight gorgeous private gardens. Studying the pictures in these books and magazines is a great place to start developing ideas for your own garden hideaway. If you find anything interesting just take notes. While flipping through magazines do not forget collecting pictures that catch your interest, reflect your personality, and allow your sense of fun to come through.

2. Once you’ve developed a clear idea of the overall look and feel you want your hideaway to have, use it imaginatively in choosing the section of your garden. And despite the apparent contradiction, the smaller the hideaway, the more important good design becomes, for a small space can be taken in almost at a glance, and the attention to detail or its neglect, is immediately obvious. Read the rest of this entry

This year the National Hardware Show continues its steady growth in the lawn and garden and outdoor living segments with more than 600 exhibitors showcasing products in categories like birdng, barbeque, fencing, fertilizers, tools, ponding, holiday, irrigation, decor, outdoor lighting, furniture and more.

The show, which runs May 10-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, reflects the overall trends in outdoor rooms, staycations, organic and grow-your-own gardening.

Americans have expanding their living spaces to their backyards, and the Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living section at the National Hardware Show has grown right along with this trend,” says Rich Russo, event director of the show. “The 2011 event will showcase not ony the growing number of products for America’s outdoor rooms, but the latest in green and organic products.” Read the rest of this entry

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