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Perfect Tips For Using Best Garden Lighting System

garden lighting systemLight is life for the garden and its plants. If you understand how plants use light, and the many lighting options available today, you can put together a lighting system that’s right for the plants you want to grow indoors. Proper light will help sustain your plants until they are able to venture outside again.

Bright sunshine contains the full spectrum of light wavelengths from red through yellow and green to blue and violet. Plants use all of these wavelengths for photosynthesis, but red and blue are two of the most important. The blue spectrum promotes vegetative growth so young plants build robust, full foliage. The red wavelengths promote flowers and fruits.

Every plant requires light to thrive, but some plants need lower intensities than others. Native tropicals, shade-loving forest plants and houseplants like ivy and philodendron don’t need as much light as Mediterranean succulents or desert cactuses. Flowering plants of all kinds, such as orchids and gardenias, generally need brighter light to flower and produce fruit. Read the rest of this entry

Basic Essential Gardening Tools

basic garden toolsFrom gas-powered tillers to electric hedge trimmers, there’s no shortage of power tools to  help you maintain your garden. But while these tools can be helpful, you don’t  need a shed bursting with high-end gear to grow a vibrant garden. Instead, focus  on the basics — these essential tools that every gardener should master before  moving on to the more expensive gardening toys.

Before you can plant a garden, you first need to do  a little digging. A trowel and hand rake are two essential tools for planting  small seedlings, breaking up clumps of dirt and weeding between your plants.

For bigger tasks, you’re going to want to turn to a  shovel and garden fork, the bigger siblings of the trowel and hand rake. Use  these to loosen large patches of packed soil or dig holes for saplings.

While you can certainly get cheap trowels, shovels  and garden forks, spring for something made from stainless steel or cast  aluminum. These are garden tools after all, and you don’t want them rusting  away. You also want to make sure that they are sturdy. you won’t save any money  in the long run by buying something that will bend in half at the first tough  patch of dirt. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Prepare Garden and Lawn For Spring

Sprout.There are some extremely important tasks that need to be addressed this gardening season.Start some flowers and other garden plants from seeds weeks before it’s warm enough to transplant them outside. Plants started from seed generally cost far less than you end up paying at the garden store. The timing of planting is really crucial and you must determine when to start plants indoors . Seed packets of those plants which are commonly started indoors usually contain special instructions for when and how to do it.

You can repurpose many would-be throwaway items — including cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, newspaper, egg cartons and even half-eggshells — to serve as miniature, biodegradable seedling pots. Some of the most common plants started from seeds indoors include tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, eggplant and a wide variety of flowers and herbs. If you’re short on sunny window space consider building a simple cold frame in your yard as a place to start seeds up to six weeks before planting season. You can find designs online of how to build cold frames out of inexpensive materials like bales of hay, scrap lumber, plastic sheeting and old windows. Read the rest of this entry

lawn13Pre-emergent herbicides have a tendency to destroy newly germinated weed seeds by attacking the tender shoots and roots before they have an opportunity to develop.

Pre-emergent does not stop seed germination actually. However, it may pose as a potential barrier on the ground. If the seeds do not germinate, they may remain temporarily dormant in the soil and escape the effectiveness of the pre-emergent only to reveal themselves later.

Many of the weeds that plague your lawn throughout the summer germinate in late fall and early spring as soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees.   Read the rest of this entry

Let The Garden Birds Survive Tough Winters

winter bird feedingThe ongoing winters with sudden drop in temperatures often brings in surprises for the birds. Even the garden birds start facing food problems during such tough seasons.

During these tough winters the natural food sources must be ensured along with easy availability of water in your garden so that the birds could survive healthily. When the snow and ice are there, birds will need all the help they can get to survive the winter.

However, the range of bird seeds, fat-balls and other so-called bird-friendly items can leave gardeners baffled as to what’s best for our strayfeathered friends. Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Tips To Use Leftover Garden Supplies

garden-suppliesIt is quite probable that you have some leftover garden supplies in your garden shed or garage and may like to use that this spring in your garden. As the spring planting season is running near you should give an attention to some very useful tips to deal with the leftover gardening supplies.

Get rid of the old seeds if they appear dried out or have mold or fungus. Otherwise, these may be planted regardless of the date on the seed packet. If they don’t germinate in a week or 10 days, then sow newly bought seeds. You haven’t lost much in trying old seeds. Read the rest of this entry

ornamental winter plantsAll gardeners love their gardens and buying plants, but the economy has not sufficiently rebounded for most people to make large purchases of plants.

Ornamental plants usually go slow in sales partly due to the cool weather and partly due to the sluggish economy, with one exception — the sales of edibles, fruit trees and vegetable plants is increasing, for some garden centres as much as a 10-15 per cent increase. It comes as no surprise to those of us who are interested in growing our own veggies and food security that edible plants are one of the most popular plants sold at garden centres.

Despite the cool weather , now is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and even annuals. Planting during cool weather is ideal for most hardy ornamentals, since they will take advantage of the abundant rainfall and cool temperatures to grow roots before the heat of summer arrives. Read the rest of this entry

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