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Basic Essential Gardening Tools

basic garden toolsFrom gas-powered tillers to electric hedge trimmers, there’s no shortage of power tools to  help you maintain your garden. But while these tools can be helpful, you don’t  need a shed bursting with high-end gear to grow a vibrant garden. Instead, focus  on the basics — these essential tools that every gardener should master before  moving on to the more expensive gardening toys.

Before you can plant a garden, you first need to do  a little digging. A trowel and hand rake are two essential tools for planting  small seedlings, breaking up clumps of dirt and weeding between your plants.

For bigger tasks, you’re going to want to turn to a  shovel and garden fork, the bigger siblings of the trowel and hand rake. Use  these to loosen large patches of packed soil or dig holes for saplings.

While you can certainly get cheap trowels, shovels  and garden forks, spring for something made from stainless steel or cast  aluminum. These are garden tools after all, and you don’t want them rusting  away. You also want to make sure that they are sturdy. you won’t save any money  in the long run by buying something that will bend in half at the first tough  patch of dirt. Read the rest of this entry

winter garden protectionIn the garden you may begin with covering all water faucets and wrapping exposed pipes. This will protect sprinkler valves from freezing as well. Better keep wrapped and covered anything that could possibly be damaged by freezing temperatures.

During winters gardens go dormant , plants in containers as well as hanging baskets still need moisture periodically. Depending upon the size of your garden you must prepare months in advance and save approximately half of the grass clippings for the compost pile and half set aside for use as winter mulch. Use this grass in conjunction with fallen tree leaves as primary mulch material. Add a bit of mushroom compost to the blend to sweeten the mix.This mulch / compost recipe is piled liberally around the base of all our Esperanzas, Jatrophias, Lantanas, Plumbago and Vitex. Read the rest of this entry

Buying Garden Tools and Equipment

With a little serious efforts in  the Fall you’ll likely find the best deals of the year on all types of gardening  tools, equipment and other supplies – with the possible exception of snow  blowers, chain saws, and snow shovels.

This time of the year is perfect for hunting for  used lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and other lawn and garden equipment, since many  people dump their used equipment at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales  at the end of the season. Read the rest of this entry

Garden Tools To Ease Gardening in Old Age

A problem for older gardeners is finding tools that make gardening easier as getting up and down becomes harder. Noel Valdes, the 67 year old owner of CobraHead LLC, has designed two garden tools that are finding a following with “baby boomerand older garden enthusiasts while at the same time are being recognized by all gardeners as useful and well-made tools.Noel has been working on solutions to weeding his own large home vegetable garden for over 25 years. In 2002 he introduced his first tool design – The CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator. This small tool makes light work of weeding, cultivating, planting and transplanting. It fills the role of several garden tools including trowels, small hand forks, dibbles, and hand hoes. The thin, sharp CobraHead blade is a “steel fingernail®” that cuts hard soil and works in tight places. The blade sharpness and the tool’s balance let gardeners with weak hand strength work efficiently. Read the rest of this entry

Flooded laundry rooms, overflowing  toilets, and aquariums with dirty water gives real problems. Portable and rechargeable water pumps are now in the market to help homeowners and gardeners. These new portable and rechargeable water pumps control overflowing or leaking water which is one of the most common causes of household damage. These modern days appliances are quite dependable and portable water pump that equips consumers with an immediate solution for excess water removal.

Commonly used portable and rechargeable water pumps come with a compact size  7″ by 3.25″ by 5.5″ and lightweight up to 4-5 pounds. It is ideal for a wide range of home applications including routine hot tub cleanings, and aquarium, clogged sink, toilet, wet basement, and laundry room draining. It is also equally effective in removing water from small marine craft such as kayaks, dinghies, canoes, and sailboats.

The portable and rechargeable water pumps run on a safe, low voltage battery, which is fully submersible and can be used to pump out fresh or salt water. It includes a submersible pump, eight-foot hose, rechargeable NiMH battery, and charging station. It also connects to any standard garden hose; and, with a 200-gallon per charge pump capacity, it resolves household water mishaps easily with the simple twist of a switch.

With the upcoming colder season gardeners have one more gardening task to take care of.

To ensure a healthy lawn and garden in the spring, few very simple but perfect tips will help you take care of your sprinkler system so that it is ready to withstand the colder months.

You must understand that if your sprinkler system is not properly protected, inground irrigation systems can be damaged by harsh winter weather. Protecting them is easy enough.

Here are a few perfect gardening tips for you to protect and maintain your sprinkler system in perfect order;

  1. Put off your timer. Automatic systems normally have a controller or timer. Most controllers have a “rain” or “off” mode that shuts off the signals to the valves. The controller continues to keep time, the programming information (start times, valve run times, etc.) isn’t lost and the clock continues to run. The only change is that the valves will not activate. Read the rest of this entry

Garden irrigation suppliers have reported soaring sales of drip irrigation systems, as the new environmental consciousness.

There’s always been a battle between the needs of the garden and the requirements of bodies set up to regulate the precious natural resources gardens need to grow: now that battle looks like it might be coming to an amicable end.

Drip irrigation lets gardeners utilise water to the full potential. That’s because drip irrigation systems deliver only single droplets of water at critical points around the garden (usually in flower beds, potted borders and hanging baskets): completely removing the need to use watering cans, sprinklers, and other water wasting methods of garden feeding.

It sounds expensive, as any new technology does – but, according to Amazon Irrigation, a gardener can get a starter drip irrigation kit  for as little as £20. Read the rest of this entry

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