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Tips For Preparing Gardening Tools For Winter

It is time to gather up all the gardening tools and get them ready for winter.

Shovels should be wiped down to get all the dirt off the metal parts. Leftover dirt will cause rusting. A light coating of oil, or an application of a silicone spray, will finish the job.The same goes for any other long-handle tools. Pruners and loping shears should have the metal parts cleaned too. Sap builds up on the blades, making it harder for the tools to make a clean cut. Remove the sap with rubbing alcohol and then apply oil or silicone spray.

Remember that the  gas-powered tools need cleaning this time. Dried grass under the deck of the lawn mower will trap moisture, causing the deck to rust.Blades should be sharpened and coated with oil. The oil should be changed. Then, apply silicone spray to the metal parts.But do not forget to refer the owner’s manual on how to disconnect the spark plug wire. If the wire is left connected and you turn the blade, the mower could start with disastrous results to fingers and hands that may be under the mower. Read the rest of this entry

Buying Garden Tools and Equipment

With a little serious efforts in  the Fall you’ll likely find the best deals of the year on all types of gardening  tools, equipment and other supplies – with the possible exception of snow  blowers, chain saws, and snow shovels.

This time of the year is perfect for hunting for  used lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and other lawn and garden equipment, since many  people dump their used equipment at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales  at the end of the season. Read the rest of this entry

Garden Tools To Ease Gardening in Old Age

A problem for older gardeners is finding tools that make gardening easier as getting up and down becomes harder. Noel Valdes, the 67 year old owner of CobraHead LLC, has designed two garden tools that are finding a following with “baby boomerand older garden enthusiasts while at the same time are being recognized by all gardeners as useful and well-made tools.Noel has been working on solutions to weeding his own large home vegetable garden for over 25 years. In 2002 he introduced his first tool design – The CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator. This small tool makes light work of weeding, cultivating, planting and transplanting. It fills the role of several garden tools including trowels, small hand forks, dibbles, and hand hoes. The thin, sharp CobraHead blade is a “steel fingernail®” that cuts hard soil and works in tight places. The blade sharpness and the tool’s balance let gardeners with weak hand strength work efficiently. Read the rest of this entry

The essential gardening tools include digging forks for digging out all the root crops , hand clippers (scissors) and harvesting knives for cutting all the greens.Japanese knives and putty knives for weeding are also very useful community gardening tools.  Hand trowels for transplanting; big salad spinners for drying greens; pitch forks and shovels for making compost and lots of love, patience and acceptance around the weather that mother nature sends our way are some of the really essential community gardening tools and elements.Even if you are taking care of a small garden in your backyard, there are a few essential gardening tools that you still need to have:

  1. A shovel to dig holes, move piles of debris, place compost in the right place, get leaves into the wheelbarrow and turn soil. It is an indispensable tool for beginning and season gardeners alike! Read the rest of this entry

Children often get excited with the prospect of helping parents in gardening especially if the process involves being allowed to use the lawn treatments mower for the first time.

In addition to all their excitement and enthusiasm, it is extremely essential for you to explain some basic rules that apply when using a lawn treatments mower. Children and kids must be properly educated with these basic guidelines;

  1. Read the lawn treatments mower manual with your child and explain each and every point that has been mentioned.
  2. Ensure that you check all parts of the lawn treatments mower and satisfy yourself that they are in proper working condition before allowing your child to operate it. Read the rest of this entry

Garden care equipment manufacturer, Honda MPE , has launched new website that is designed to provide gardening enthusiasts with detailed, easy-to-understand information on various aspects of developing and maintaining a healthy lawn.

The website provides keen home gardeners and novices with the skills necessary to establish, maintain and grow a beautiful, hardy lawn capable of withstanding Australia’s often demanding conditions. 

The website is brimming with useful information including an in-depth description of 35 different turf varieties, along with detailed advice on fertilising, weeding, pest control and mowing; much of the information is easy to download and save via pdf files for later reference.   

As Honda Power Equipment is committed to high-manufacturing standards and operator safety, a safety section is included that has practical checklists and recommended storage procedures for each Honda garden care product. 

Although accessible to all navigators on the internet, there are many benefits in joining the website which is free and simple to join. Members will receive many benefits including regular updates on seasonally relevant issues regarding lawns and new product information. 

Members will also receive quarterly e-letters and regular e-alerts with advice on how to make their lawn survive and prosper. A further member benefit is access to the Member Clippings section, where green thumbs can share stories, photos, knowledge and their own gardening experiences.

To celebrate the launch of, and to kick start the member benefits, Honda Power Equipment is giving away a shed full of advanced four-stroke garden care equipment to one lucky lawn lover.  The package includes a Honda mower, brushcutter, blower, hedgecutter and tiller.

The website also features detailed information on keeping things safe in the garden. There are a significant number of cases requiring medical attention each year due to DIY accidents in the garden, a lot of which are preventable.

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