rainstorm gardeningHeavy rains, rain-storms, and cooling temperatures, all become a big cause of worry for gardeners during the spring season. Protecting garden from these natural risks is extremely important else the hard work invested in a lovely garden may go waste in destruction. You need to take necessary steps to protect your garden so that it grows happily during entire spring.

It becomes extremely essential in the spring to harden your plants. This means setting your bedding plants outside for a few days before you plant them. It will help the plants prepare themselves for the harsh conditions they will face during a cool spring.

This is the most important step to protecting your garden through any weather that may come through, especially since most plants come from a greenhouse.

When the wind never blows, and it doesn’t get chilly you better put your plants out in the harsh and tough weather conditions.

On the other hand, during wet rainstorms, or heavy rains during spring it is always advised not over water your plants as long as they are getting naturally nourished by rain water naturally.

Never forget making sure whenever the temperatures dip below freezing, to cover all the plants up and trim any plants that may be damaged from a freeze.

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