hard landscapingGardens generally have two types of landscaping materials, i.e. soft and hard materials. In common parlance “soft landscaping” refers to plants, trees and lawns while the “hard landscaping” includes non-living objects such as paving, fencing and other structural features.

In order to give an elegant landscaping appearance you need to plan very carefully for each and every element. Hard as well as soft landscaping depends largely on how and what to use in your garden. Any wrong choice will give your garden landscape an awful look and you may end up with utter failure.

Soft Landscaping

The age-old-gardening-saying, “right plant at right place” holds true with the soft landscaping and it is not just limited to the plants but also goes well with the flower beds.

A good grass lawn is not just dependent on feed and weed products or mowing and maintenance. You must know that keeping a lawn in a north facing garden or under a tree will simply won’t work. Similarly, moss and weeds will sure often fill the area and, although green, but not an ideal landscaping concept.

When planting trees, aspect is important, but so is position, as a tree often grows dramatically bigger than when you first put it in. A tree at a wrong place like next to your house or garage can be potentially damaging to the foundations and structure. Any tree when planted must be at a safer distance from a building. Always select the right tree to plant. The right kind of tree can grow to a size that suits the space without risking insurance claims and the expensive business of removing the tree at a later date.

Hard Landscaping

Soft-LandscapingWhen it comes to the hard landscaping the material choice becomes a bit more obvious and complicated. Once again, the concept of “right product in the right place” is the key.

However, counting the aesthetic benefits material choices takes a different turn and it becomes more centered on the gardener’s own opinion and taste. You may also find yourself vouching for “less is more” concept. Multiple hard landscaping materials can make your garden look like a builders merchants, and therefore it is always better to limit the use of materials such as timber, stone and a loose aggregate. Driveways can look great in two types of paving so long as there aren’t lots of other materials in the same area.

Never be tempted to randomly pick plants from the garden centre, and don’t just pick materials that look good in a brochure. Take into account the location and think about what will work best before making the choice. Research is the key factor in designing a hard as well as soft garden landscaping.

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