city home gardeningHaving a perfect garden in cities where space crunch is a big issue needs perfect planning and approach to execute. Setting up a garden and maintaining it also require good gardening practices to be adopted.

Too much of plants and green cover can make the task of upholding their beauty, a very grueling one. Lawns, small rooted plants, flowerpots can enhance the splendor of the garden. Avoid planting deep-rooted plants such as Mangoes and Neem as they can destabilize the foundation of your home.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables

The vegetables such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Radish and Carrots can grow in the backyard if properly maintained. Fruits such as gooseberries can add a value to your garden and serve as a juicy treat. The external temperature should be conducive enough for them to survive. Factors such as sunlight, soil and water play an important role in determining their success. It helps to decide on the selection of seeds for the underlying soil layer.

Grow Colors with Flowers

The flower plants need everyday care and they provide a visual retreat with their vivacious splendor. However, there exist numerous genus of flowers that need less maintenance and have fast growth such as Rose, Orchids and Marigold. The orchids require less watering and they generally need watering for every five to ten days. In addition, they require temperate climate. The roses provide a very good fragrance and they require pruning or trimming and hence are easy to maintain in your backyard.

All these ingredients are necessary for having a striking garden at your home. You can opt for organic gardening and use natural fertilizers to strengthen the soil. Some flowering plants are known to shed too much of flowers in seasons, and hence avoiding them would be the best way. Creepers are a popular choice among gardeners, which solves the space constraint issue. Not to forget the insecticides and pesticides; and their right use is instrumental in rejuvenating plants and augment their vitality.

Ensure Optimum Watering

Regular watering of plants is quintessential for a neat and an inviting garden. However, excess can loosen the soil and wash away the seeds of young plant. In addition, constant monitoring of the moisture level in soil is essential. The timing of watering is also imperative for the plants survival. You are indeed putting your plants at risk of catching fungal diseases, if you water them during night times, as the plants need sunlight to dry surplus water.

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