huchurasHeucheras is also known with names as alum root and coral bells. ) are related to the saxifrage, and all species, of which there are around 40, are indigenous to North America; the Native Americans used some species for medicinal purposes.

Heuchera may appear as a nondescript-looking plant, but it is infact pretty enough when producing its coral-red flowers in early summer.

‘Palace Purple’ is a typical variety in herbaceous plants with both stunning foliage and attractive flowers. Heuchera species hybridise with gay abandon to produce some of the most sought-after plants around today.

Most of the eye-catching varieties available include hybrids of H. americana, a plant with leaves variously colored from pale green to purplish, and hybridizers have produced an enormous number of cultivars from this and other heuchera species,in a wide range of leaf colours in green, pink, yellow and bronze, often mottled or variegated, and white, green, pink or red flower spikes, often described in catalogues as appearing in spring.

If you cut off the first spikes when they start to fade, you can keep the plants flowering through to the autumn.

Heuchera will also hybridize readily with a similar plant, Tiarella cordifolia (foam flower), to give crosses with similar leaf color characteristics to heuchera hybrids, but with shapes more recognizable as those of tiarella.

The variety known as “X- Heucherella” is quite dazzling with new cultivars constantly being introduced.

These plants are extremely popular owing to their variety of uses, from ground cover and to give color to beds and borders, to all-year-round subjects for containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.

These plants also have an Achilles heel – they are extremely attractive to both the adult vine weevil, which nibbles bits out of the leaves and spoils the shape and therefore a lot of their effect, and the grubs, especially in pots.

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