effective micro organismsFor a gardener the ideal situation in the garden would be rich soil, moist and crumbly, free of weeds and ready to plant. With the right products like compost, manure, fertilizer and a bio stimulant like effective micro-organisms (EM)  you can have fertile soil, ready to grow great yields during the warmer months.

It is best to start with preparing the soil in your open planting beds. Dig in generous amounts of compost and inoculate with EM to start increasing the biological activity in the soil. EM will help improve the soil structure and increase aeration to start preparing your soil for planting. If you have clay soil, manure and EM will improve it by adding humus to the soil structure.

Making a good use of the autumn leaves that litter your garden by digging them into your compost heap would be great. With the accelerated decomposition that occurs in a compost heap the leaves will decay twice as fast and be ready for use as compost at the beginning of spring.

You may also like to spray EM over your compost heap to activate it and make sure it is ready to use sooner rather than later. Winter is also the time to add fertilizer and lime to your soil. Adding these fertilizers with EM will help improve the nutrient usage in the soil, leading to lower fertilizer requirements, higher fertilizer/nutrient utilization of applied inputs.

  1. Ensure that all weeds and leaves are out of the garden area. Rake the area to really clear it out.Rake the soil thoroughly to make sure that you really open up the soil.
  2. Add your desired fertiliser and EM to the soil. This could be compost, lime, fish, manure or anything else you choose. If its manure make sure it’s about an inch thick in the end as far as the coating goes.
  3. Rake your soil again to really mix the two up. Add water to the soil until its moist. If you add too much let it dry out until it’s moist.
  4. Let the soil rest for a few days or weeks depending on the time of year and then plant once the soil temperature is correct. Ensure regular applications of EM to your soil so that it improves biological activity and soil quality and keep growing conditions optimal during the growing months. It is a very low cost and effective microbial technology that can enhance the natural ecosystem by:
  •  Activating and re-establishing the natural processes.
  •   Improving soil structure, leading to better aeration and water holding capacity
  •  Improving nutrient availability, leading to lower fertiliser requirements, higher fertiliser/nutrient utilisation of applied input
  • Lowering disease pressure by developing a disease suppressive soil
  • Growing higher yields
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