heritage gardenHeritage gardens have somewhat magical setting and attract the souls of writers, painters and gardeners into the midst of old trees, charming shops and pastoral life by the bay.

An old-fashioned grace of the cottage garden is something gardeners may cherish. A natural cottage garden is a welcoming paradise. You may fashion along the front walkway and around front by using a combination of romantic, old-fashioned flowers that continue to thrive and are remembered “from Grandma’s garden.”

Such welcoming pleasers as red geraniums tumbling over patinaed containers, old English bluebells of iris varieties, begonias, pansies, petunias and pentas may artfully be placed in beds or containers to create the informal, restful benevolence desired in a cottage garden. 

The fruits of blueberries and mayhaws and the wildlife they attract, along with the relative ease of upkeep, help make the lovely concept of a cottage garden.

Your heritage garden may also have herbs, including several basil varieties, fragrant lavender, lemon verbena, dill and red sage.

She also grows vegetables — potatoes, rutabagas, two kinds of kale, collards, mustards, lettuces and and leeks — all hardy and thriving.

You may love to go for strange and have plants from all over the country to fit somewhere into your garden. The frontier plants i.e. mixing old, established plants with new ones would be a great idea. You can grow old irises with mayhaw trees.

Flowering plants, flowers, fruits and herbs all contribute to the charm of Vikki’s garden. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife add their own beauty to the garden as well.

Do not forget having a peaceful place and harmony of nature with insects, birds and animals.

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