chinese fringetreeIf you are looking for a small flowering tree for your garden this year then the lovely, durable, and one of the most adaptable choice would be “Chinese fringetree “ (Chionanthus retusus). It features glossy foliage and white lacy flowers in late spring. The foliage is attractive throughout the season — a shiny dark green that looks clean and polished through even the dog days of summer. Fall color may be a nice yellow and spectacular.

The Chinese fringetree is deciduous, and females bear egg-shaped blue-black drupes about a half inch long.

The American fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) is also a great variety for your garden with its beauty. The flower’s individual petals are larger. The flowers obviously appear a brighter white. Flowering panicles are borne above the foliage, almost like snow lying atop the dark green leaves.

Among all the “China Snow” would certainly be a best choice. This veriety was developed from cuttings. You may love the foliage on “China Snow” .

Chinese fringetree is easy to grow in sun or mostly sun and tolerates a wide range of soil, except extremely wet. You should expect it to eventually reach 20 feet tall and wide. It’s a head-scratcher that these trees aren’t planted more.

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