houseplants careHouseplants not getting proper growing conditions would not survive long and will simply keel over and die.

Prevention is always better than cure. First precaution would be with selection of healthy houseplants. Next would be to give them the conditions they need to grow well. Finally, keep an eye on them so that at the first sign of trouble.

With some of the houseplants you may face mortality but majority of them will sure survive to thrive for years, especially if you take steps to avoid the most common causes of fatality.

Over-watering will sure kill your houseplants. The leaves will droop, the roots will rot and the plant will die. Conversely, don’t be too stingy with moisture – plants need water and if you allow their compost to dry out, particularly during periods of active growth, you’re asking for trouble.

Other factors to consider are hot air. There are few houseplants which like desert-like conditions; many, in fact, prefer a moist atmosphere around their leaves, so the occasional misting with tepid water is often appreciated.

Positioning of a houseplant in direct open sunlight should be avoided. Diffused light is more appropriate for houseplants.

Houseplants must be protected from drought conditions. Putting a plant in dark corner is a death warrant for the plant. Some hardy specimens can take lack of light, but many will grow pale and wan, their foliage will droop and their flowers will fall.

Plants are like humans and also need certain conditions, plus a decent feeding and watering regime, to be able to live life to the full.

Give them what they need and it will be Sod’s Law that suffers. Serve it right.

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