gardeningStop mildew from spreading on roses by spraying weekly with diluted skim milk (1 part skim milk mixed with 9 parts water) or with products containing triforine or chlorothalonil fungicide. Although no fungicide will remove mildew that is already on the leaves and buds, these sprays prevent mildew from starting on new growth. That way your roses can outgrow the effects of mildew. It also helps to spray rose foliage with plain water early in the morning, but never after mid-morning or in the evening.

To prevent or stop clearwing borers from damaging your peaches or nectarines, spray malathion on the trunks and branches now. New borer larvae hatch this month and must be stopped as they crawl from the ground to the trunk and branches, before they get inside the bark. Borers eat away at the growing and nutrient-carrying tissues inside. Neglecting this problem results in a dead tree – or in a tree so weak that it can hardly produce any fruit. Spraying in mid-May helps to keep peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits safe from borers.

Stop codling moth larvae from ruining apples by spraying carbaryl (Sevin) . These larvae start early but don’t really show up until apples are nearly ready to harvest. Spraying monthly reduces the number of “wormy” apples.

To get more vegetables from limited space, plant carrot seeds then immediately plant radish seeds right over them. Cover all the seeds and water carefully. The radishes will germinate and be ready to harvest in a few weeks when the carrots are still tiny. A month after that thin the carrots to one every inch or two. The rest of the carrots will be ready in a couple more months.

Careful watering of flowering and fruiting plants is a must for good-quality flowers and fruit.

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