home insulationInsulation is one of the many home improvement solutions available to a homeowner today. Insulation essentially means covering the extremities of the house so as to prevent any kind of impact of the outside weather on the inside environment.

Insulating materials would seal all the possible sources of air flow. Therefore, the conditioned temperature maintained by the heating and the cooling devices are not lost. Since there is no extra load on these heating and cooling devices, utility bills automatically decrease.

The ideal time to install insulation would be during its construction. However, in case that it is not possible, you can always go in for retrofit insulation. The attic is one of the major sources of heat exchange. Therefore, attic insulation makes for one of the most significant of all retrofitting procedures.

Retrofit insulation can be integrated in the structure without having to disturb the existing architecture. Blown-in insulation fits the bill perfectly. The material needs to be in the form of small particles which can be blown into the gaps and crevices in the existing structure. The ideal material types for retrofit insulation are cellulose, fiberglass and foam.

Fiberglass insulation is the most commonly employed solution among all the insulation types. Fiberglass is known to have a high R- value. Therefore, a small amount of material can provide the required degree of insulation. Fiberglass offers convenience of installation. However, care should be taken to avoid over blowing the material, since it may have undesired results.

Cellulose is another equally popular Retrofit insulation material. The small particles of cellulose completely fill in all the cavities, gaps and crevices in the existing structure. As much as 85% of the material used is recycled paper. Therefore, the procedure can rightly be called a green insulation solution.

The rest of the material is composed of a mixture of borate and ammonium sulphate. This combination keeps a check on any kind of organic growth as well as on any insect or rodent infestation. Therefore, it is an ideal material for Attic insulation. It is very easy and safe to install as well.

The magnesium-based product cementitous foam is obtained from sea water. The consistency of this foam is ideal for retrofit insulation. Foam insulation completely seals off all the sources of heat transfer unlike other insulation types, which may leave random voids.

Though Foam insulation requires a day or two to dry, once set, it does not expand or shrink. It is the most expensive of all the insulation types but provides for an excellent quality of circulating air in the house.

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