april gardening tipsApril is the prime planting month as the spring gardening season is here. This includes seeds and seedlings of flowers such as vinca, zinnia, salvia, cosmos and marigolds and edibles such as squashes, melons, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, herbs and peppers

It is now time to thin out trees, especially mesquites, to prepare them for rough monsoon weather.Pick up dead leaves under plants to prohibit insects and fungus from gathering.Make sure the automatic irrigation system is properly working. Replace the battery in the timer.

Start fertilizing. If you avoided feeding plants in March because of the frost, start up again. Set a schedule of once a week if you use water-soluble fertilizer, once a month with organic methods.

Wake the lawn. Spur Bermuda growth by fertilizing and watering the lawn. Sod should be laid as early in April as possible. Some available sod may still be overseeded with perennial rye, but Bermuda will pop up as the weather continues to warm.

Tuck bulbs away. Tulip, hyacinth and other bulbs begin to go dormant. Save them for fall planting by gently pulling them out, removing foliage that has died back and allowing them to dry for a couple of days. Sprinkle on dusting sulphur, wrap in shredded newspaper and put in a paper bag to store in a cool, dark area such as the pantry.

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