bush lily“Clivia” or the “bush-lily” is an extraordinarily beautiful houseplant which gives a spectacular appearance during the spring season. It is basically a cluster of bright orange-yellow trumpet flowers. Clivia is a member plant of the amaryllis family.

Bush Lily is an evergreen plant and grows during a period when deciduous trees have lost their foliage. However, the evergreen foliage is poisonous to animals.

The head of flowers is carried over the arching broad strap-like leaves. These leaves push out from the center of the crown in matching sprays on each side. As the plant grows new crowns are come up leaves criss-cross over each other.

A fully grown bush-lily plant can produce a flower spike from each crown and this is a spectacular appearance. The usual color is orange but there are yellow-flowered variants as well.

The bush-lily generally can only be grown as a house plant. The lustrous dark-green foliage can survive quite cool indoor conditions over a long period. It also serves the purpose of a background plant. The foliage is extremely pretty decorative in appearance.

During summers the plant grows well if placed in a greenhouse or polytunnel with filtered light and a warm atmosphere. The plant makes up its reserves of energy to make a large head of flowers the following spring.

Grow bush-lily in a mixture of good soil and compost or leaf-mould. Better use plenty of organic material in the compost. Keep it moist and liquid-feed it every three weeks from April to September to keep it growing nicely.

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