container careingContainer gardening has its own challenges. Containers in your garden often start looking mossy and grubby ad you may not happy with such an appearance. Many a times as the time goes by such containers are just lying around the house sporting disinterested plants and that could be a painful experience for any gardener.

Containers may even be kept in dappled shade but during rains these containers are bound to lose their gloom. Dealing with such bad shaped containers need perfect caring at regular intervals.

The pots and containers in your garden should require a new identity, there must be fresh, vibrant, healthy plants, and they need to be placed somewhere completely different to give a new aspect to the garden.

There is no doubt that the freshly cleaned, painted or new containers give the garden a great lift in the middle of winter, and make it all look as if somebody terribly stylish really cares about it.

If you are using terracotta containers ensure that the containers are given solid color because they tend to come out looking a bit cheap and plastic-like after some time. It would be better if you paint them flat white, or another flat color which can then be sanded back to reveal touches of the original material.

New terracotta containers will soon start looking as old as the hills. Therefore, glossy ceramic planters are gorgeous for modern courtyards and terraces. A lot depend on what you plant in the containers. Select befitted plants in them so that color and luster do not wane in time.

It is quite obvious that your freshly planted containers have a lot of soil. This will dampen the good outlook of containers. To give new plants a bedded-in look, cover the soil with mulch. If you don’t want to use bark, there are many other choices available, from crushed shell to colored pebbles to flat stones to tumbled glass. If your container is wide-mouthed, there may be room to plant smaller plants beneath the main event, or add decorative rocks, pieces of driftwood or ornaments.

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