indoor plants careIndoor plants or the houseplants grow well and add to the elegance if you take a little care of them. Majority of the indoor and houseplants will thrive in a draught-free, well-lit spot, out of direct sunlight.

If you are growing flowers indoor then feed plants weekly with a liquid fertilizer high in potash. Many indoor plants need specific liquid fertilizers and these are available in garden stores.

Keep plants looking good by deadheading and cutting off yellow leaves. Plants will grow better with clean leaves. Remove dust with damp cotton wool. If growth is yellow and spindly, put plants in a lighter spot.

Control pests, such as mealy bug, woolly aphid & scale insects by rubbing off with damp cotton wool. Be careful with fluctuating temperatures; try to keep the room temperature constant.

You need to wait until the compost has almost dried out before watering. Water the plants from the top so that the excess water gets drained off. Don’t let them sit in water. Indoor plants and houseplants die simply because of over-watering and therefore if leaves start turning yellow you must stop watering immediately, let the compost dry out and most probably the plants will revive.

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