gardening money savingWith oncoming spring gardening season here are some useful and perfect money saving spring gardening tips;

It would not be a better idea to plan for fertilizing until April. Do not tax your garden and its plants in advance.

In case your garden and specially the lawn has warm season grass varieties and those types need to start to turn green on their own first.  You should prefer applying fertilizer at that point of time.

If your garden and lawn still has cool season weeds, meaning that because the weather is cool they will germinate and flourish amid dormant grass. These will die down when the temperatures warm up. You must wait for warmer weather.

You may find several garden products that claim to promote grass growth and kill weeds at the same time can disrupt the balance in the soil.  Such products may not be eco-friendly and ecologically good.

 It would be even better to spray herbicide on the weeds.

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