As the spring season approaches days are getting warmer and longer and that gives more time to spend outdoors in the gardens.

It may be a little cold and even snowy on the ground with sub-freezing temperatures in some parts but it is also the perfect time to start planning your eco-friendly spring gardening regime.

Have you ever thought about whales ever? Why not saving some water for these creatures this year? You can do that easily with more consciousness and effectively in your water usage. It would be great if you invest in some quality hoses and sprayers tto spread the water through the plants, shrubs, and flowers evenly. If you use an automatic timer for your sprinklers, be vigilant in turning them off after a good rain shower.

eco friendly gardeningToo much watering will not only cause damage and stunt the growth of the plants but also dilute the soil and render the fertilizers.

Pest control issues must be handled more carefully. Be gentle with use of sprays on the sensitive flowers. Better adopt practice of  using eco-friendly pest sprays to keep your garden organic.

Harsh chemicals may promise extraordinary growth but cause more damage as well. Adoption of natural and organic gardening solutions could help the environment at the same time. 

You can keep your soil moist during even the driest of summers with rich compost that will retain moisture and allow you to use less water. This compost or mulch will make sure the soil soaks up every ounce of water instead of letting it slide through like some types of soil, and it will slow down the evaporation of water from the surface.

A little research on type of organic materials to be used in your garden will also enable you to understand that organic material can also be used in the compost for your types of flowers and plants. Making your own compost is a great idea in itself.

Ecological and eco-friendly gardening practices this spring and summer will sure lead to much better results and incredible benefits to the overall health of your plants and garden in general.

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