mini greenhouseDuring this time of year, it may be a little early to start with seeds but even if the ground is frozen a mini greenhouse could be best to start hardy annual seeds outside.

Utilize seeds from cold-hardy annuals, which are tolerant of colder temperatures and are capable of reseeding in most gardens. Use plants that might sprout up on their own, in your compost pile.

Vegetables may include tomatoes, squash and cantaloupe. If you are starting with flowers then including alyssum, cosmos, cornflower, larkspur or delphinium, lupine, marigold and zinnia would be better.

The outdoor mini greenhouse should be in a sheltered spot of your garden. As soon as the weather gets warm enough, your seeds will start to sprout. They will know when it is time to grow.

Enough rain or snow if occurs will help in keeping the potting mixture moist. The mini greenhouse will also keep your seedlings protected from rabbits, deer and other critters.

When the seedlings are large enough, transplant them into your garden.

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