trellisGardeners now need to share the responsibility to grow vegetables with optimum nutrients in their gardens. They should prefer growing the biggest, fastest-maturing fruits and vegetables on the planet. At the same time they also need to deal with dilute natural fertilizers, and pay attention to taking good care of the soil. That is the real mantra for producing high quality fruits and vegetables.

In order to maximize your food production from a small lot or even a balcony you need to grow “up.” That means we must erect a trellis of some kind. You could set poles, bamboo, conduit pipes, PVC or even rebar, in containers, and tie up string trellises.

String trellises could easily be bought from the garden centers, but it adds up cost when in use for years altogether.

Removing dead plant material from string netting is tedious and time consuming and therefore it would be more economical to use new trellis every year.

Once you decide you want to grow upward in subsequent years, you could use a section of galvanized fencing wired to your poles. One way to make growing upward more flexible is to pound “sleeves” into the ground so you can insert or withdraw your poles. The sleeve material must just have a hole larger than the stakes you intend to use.

Rectangular trellis could also be replaced with a teepee of bamboo or tree prunings, with cord wrapped around, or a commercial expandable cone-shaped structure.

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