garden mossGarden Moss quite often starts developing when soil is compacted, wet or in too much shade. Growth of garden moss is technically attributed to the imbalance in the soil pH value.

It becomes extremely important for a gardener to determine as what are the conditions that are causing the problem and then it would be best to take the next step toward eliminating the garden moss.

Have your soil tested again to see if the nutrient content and pH level have changed since your last test three years ago. If the soil is deficient in nutrient content or needs lime, the test report will indicate how much fertilizer and lime to apply and when to apply it.

Moss growth usually starts in early winter and reaches its peak in early spring. This growth is caused by excessive rainfall. Moss growth normally declines in summer as conditions become drier and the grass growth increases. In shady areas, the moss may continue to grow through the summer.

Following useful tips would be of immense help in controlling the garden and lawn moss:

  • Maintain proper soil pH. ¬†Lawns should generally must maintain a soil pH between 6.0-6.5.
  • Refer the soil test recommendations and if required better apply fertilizer and lime accordingly.
  • Increase air movement and light penetration to the soil. One of the effective method to do this would be by pruning the lower limbs of trees.
  • Improvement of the soil is often real critical. Soil drainage ¬†management and improvement can easily be ensured with adding organic matter to the soil.
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