garden-suppliesIt is quite probable that you have some leftover garden supplies in your garden shed or garage and may like to use that this spring in your garden. As the spring planting season is running near you should give an attention to some very useful tips to deal with the leftover gardening supplies.

Get rid of the old seeds if they appear dried out or have mold or fungus. Otherwise, these may be planted regardless of the date on the seed packet. If they don’t germinate in a week or 10 days, then sow newly bought seeds. You haven’t lost much in trying old seeds.

Any leftover soil amendments, including fertilizers, will be fine to use as long as they have been kept dry. Stored amendments that are wet will break down and lose their potency. Wet manure could get too hot to use safely.

Leftover garden or potting soil also should be fine to use. Sometimes bags of soil will “get kind of funky or moldy or stinky ┬áif they got wet and the organic matter started breaking down. You could still use it. Definitely dry it out and mix it in with something else.

Follow the container directions for disposal of chemicals. Leftover chemicals can be used if they were properly stored for up to three years. Discard anything with damaged labels or in damaged containers. Try to buy only what you need so that you don’t store toxic pesticides and herbicides in the first place.

You can safely dispose of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers at several household-hazardous-waste collection centers. Do not pour these down a drain or where they can pollute the water supply.

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