thripsGardeners should not worry about gardening while there is cold and gloomy outside. As a matter of fact gardening never ends. There are always gardening tasks to do in the outdoor.

It is also the best time to get rid of garden pest – thrips. Gardeners who grow roses are normally familiar with this insect or at least the damage they do.

Thrips are very small insects that feed on many types of plant material; buds, flowers, leaves and fruits. These tiny garden pests have mandibles that they use to slash open the plant material and suck out sap. This feeding process can also spread diseases from one plant to another.

Deformed flower buds in the garden plants is first symptom that you need to think of wiping out the garden thrips with no further delay. The outer edges of the bud will turn brown, not develop or open and hang limp or completely fall off the plant. Thrips can also cause silvery speckles or streaks on plant foliage.

Garden thrips equally attack the Hibiscus plants and other bloomers such as camellias, impatiens, chrysanthemums and even some vegetable crops.

It would be extremely difficult to wipe out the garden thrips once these are out of the ground and on the prowl for food. While inside a flower bud, they will be almost impossible to detect or to even effectively treat.

You must apply beneficial nematodes in your gardens and lawn. These very beneficial insects will help to control so many of the pests at the same time.

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