Scaevola Blue Fan FlowerContainer gardening is no less addictive with various compelling options without any limit on the number and variety of plants that could be grown in containers.

A container plant’s greatest asset is that it can be moved around, shown off when it is looking good and hidden when it is not. There is never the problem of planting it in the wrong place. If there is too much shade, then it is simply shifted until it is happy.

Although more attention needs to be paid to watering and feeding, a creatively conceived collection of containers can give small gardens, courtyard gardens or even areas within a larger garden that “sense of place”.

Container gardening need not having too many pots but a well designed combination of textures, contrast and color is the beauty that one notices with surprises in your containers.

“Quick Mixers’’ are most affordable container plants. Like the instant containers, it takes the guesswork out of combining plants that complement each other in colur, growth habit and vigour.

The different combinations and colour schemes use easy-growing garden flowers like bidens, bacopa, calibrachoa, lobelia, petunias, and verbena. Besides impatiens, petunias and pelargoniums look great equally.

Large begonias perform excellent with containers. A new variety is the semi-trailing “Bonfire”, with orange-red bell-shaped flowers.

Euphorbia “Breathless” is another lovely plant, especially in a container. It consists of a froth of tiny, light flowers, rather like a delicate gypsophila. Heat tolerant, it has low water needs. Verbena has been catching much attention new mixes like Verbena “Estrella” which has large clusters of salmon or red flowers accented with a centre star. The semi-trailing plant has lush green foliage.

The Calibrachoa Minifamous series is now available with double flowers in shade of hot pink, yellow, blush and sunrise. This semi-trailing variety grows upto 38cm high and wide and is always covered with flowers.

Scaevola, the fan flower, is a popular plant for containers as it flowers non-stop and requires the minimum of care. Scaevola “Chrystal” and “Top Pot” are two new dwarf varieties with a dense, compact growth of 10 to 13cm wide and high. The crisp, white fan-shaped blooms attract butterflies and bees. Plants are heat and drought tolerant and grow best with regular watering.

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