hydrangeaHydrangea lovers have all the reasons to rejoice in the new year with some spectacular new shrubs. Breeders have moved hydrangeas way beyond simple blue, pink or white.

The Everlasting series of hydrangeas was bred for the cut flower market. Now the hydrangea also have dark leathery leaves, big long lasting mop head flowers and strong stems to hold them.

Macrophylla (big leaf) “Everlasting Amethyst” equally elegant to a vase. Blooms start as fuchsia pink or violet blue depending on soil acidity. Flowers age through a mix of reddish pink and lime green, finishing all lime green. It would be better to grow the plants in full to part sun with regular watering.

“Tuff Stuff” hydrangea is a reblooming lacecap with both semi-double and double flowers. These flowers will blooms on new wood from summer until frost. Flowers are intense reddish pink but may tend toward blue in acidic soil.

Macrophylla “Hokomarevo” Everlasting Revolution blooms on new and old wood will grow great till the month of September. Flowers transform during the season with color combinations of deep pink, maroon and true blue, tingeing with green highlights along the way.

Hydrangea Paniculata “BoBo” is a new dwarf variety with a compact habit and grows less than three feet tall. It is a heavy bloomer with long stems. Large white flowers cover the shrub in midsummer, becoming pinkish-blush by fall.

In case you also love the charm of black petunia this new year comes with a new variety called “Midnight Rambler”.It is darkest purple which gives it the look of matte black. It does well in both sun and shade.

Coleus lovers will also find umpteen new additions with the shapes and colors of the last year’s series “Under the Sea”.Bonefish” has deeply dissected fuchsia leaves with lime margins.”Electric Coral” has ruffled, lobed red leaves with a bright lime green border. “Gold Anemone” has large lime-gold scalloped leaves with fluttering fringe that has deep purple margins. “King Crab” has broad orange-red leaves surrounded by small subsets that look like pincers.“Lion Fish,” “Red Coral,” “Molten Coral,” “Lime Shrimp,” “Langostino,” and “Hermit Crab” round out the 10 coleus varieties that make up this new collection. Grow these plants in sun or shade.

Pretty looking “Patchwork Cosmic Orange” came with tri-color variety with bright orange petals becoming background for a purple and white starburst center. Like other impatiens these large 16- to 18-inch plants need full shade and regular water.

Another new variety to consider could be Primula “Blue Zebra, a new plant in Europe as well as United States. Blooms are blue and white striped with a golden yellow eye. Evolvulus “Blue Daze” prefers sun and heat. It will bloom summer until frost with masses of small true-blue flowers. It is salt tolerant which makes it an excellent coastal plant. “Blue Daze” is a tender perennial and grows as an annual.

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