burmese plumbagoBurmese Plumbago (Ceratostigma griffithii) is a small height plant, generally grows upto 2 feet. The plant blooms in summer (fall) season in full sun to partial shade. This plant requires very little pruning to shape. Water needs are also minimum and once established, water deeply once a week.

This colorful, low-growing perennial makes a good ground cover or it can be trimmed into a short border hedge around flower beds and rock gardens. Its vibrant blue flowers attract butterflies and beneficial insects throughout the summer. In fall, the dark green foliage turns red-orange, adding more interest. Easy care and hardy, plumbago tolerates just about everything: poor soil, drought (once established), frost, even deer.

The little intense royal blue flower clusters are extremely pleasant and start blooming at the branch tips in June and continue until frosty November, at which time the leaves turn a brilliant autumnal orangy burgundy color.

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