Things slow down in winter and you have plenty of time to enjoy the moments, from inside the warm house or outdoors in the cold air.

While planning for your winter garden you should consider and decide upon what trees and shrubs will add to the winter landscape. Include trees and shrubs with berries on them like highbush cranberry, American mountain ash, crabapple, dogwood and bittersweet. Not only will they provide food, but also shelter, for birds from fall through the winter months. Evergreens are always high on my list as the snow draping their branches is at times magical, almost like a snowcastle.

Feeding birds and other wildlife in the winter could be one of your favorite pastimes. It’s going to put a smile, or sometimes a scowl, to your face.

If you don’t have any trees close to the house put up a couple of shepherds hooks that you can hang finch feeders or suet cakes from. There are even small feeders that attach right to the window with suction cups or you can hang them from the overhang of the house. Just make sure there is cover close by for the birds if they need it.

It is really easy to attract birds to your garden. Birds need just three things-food, shelter and water. Even in the winter you can provide water with heated birdbaths.

If you just let the seed-heads remain on flowers like rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan) and grasses, your garden will sure attract finches. Suet cakes will attract
woodpeckers and chickadees while black oiled sunflower will attract the most birds. Old bread is always a welcome treat for birds and squirrels alike.

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