Summer vegetable gardens can provide winter bounty by working a good soil amendment into the planting beds to offset nutrient depletion from earlier plantings. Plant broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Brussels sprouts, chards, kale, onions and garlic.You can plant garlic in cloves, or sets – the little bulblets.

Winter and early spring-blooming shrubs can be planted. You can also have a beautiful winter-blooming camellia called Yuletide. A new Daphne variety called Eternal Fragrance’ will be available soon. It blooms from January until November with repeated sets of buds and blooms.Ornamental trees and shrubs like ceanothus, Japanese maples, magnolias and forsythia can be planted

Primroses, violas and pansies can be put into the ground and provide the garden with winter color. Gardeners should consider planting perennials.Perennials during winters may appear lifeless and dormant but the plants are amenable to winter planting. Plant them now because they’re dormant. In springtime, they’ll really take off. When caring for established perennials do not cut back tender varieties, but hardy perennials can be cut to the ground. Deciduous vines can be pruned right now

It is also a good time to plant spring-blooming bulbs including dahlias, begonias and gladiolus.

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