It is not too tough to keep a houseplant alive if you take a little care of the plant.Making a plant thrive is easy if you follow these simple tips ;

The worst enemy of any houseplant is too much water.

You must apply the Moss’ trick: Dip a finger into the soil up to the first knuckle joint, and if the tip of your finger is wet when you pull it out, then there’s no need to water.

Give your plant a fighting chance, select one that matches your habits.

Be honest with yourself — are you really going to remember to water it? If not, stick with a succulent variety, such as cactus or aloe, which can go weeks without attention.

Place the plant near a place you visit several times a day, like the bathroom or kitchen sink, which will remind you it’s there and might be thirsty.

A plant’s light requirements are typically listed on the tag, but if it’s not there, eastern exposure is the safest choice.

Proper nutrients are essential, so use potting soil mix, which has the structure to hold in water. Your local nursery is always the best resource for helping you match a soil to your plant’s needs.

If you discover that you’re truly a lost cause, try a cast-iron plant that can survive under low light conditions and irregular watering

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