Planting in containers is pretty easier. Container gardening is the cheaper and lower-intensity maintenance compared to the in-ground gardens.

Water and fertilizer can be concentrated on roots, rather than surrounding soil. And, best of all, you don’t have to bend down as far to pull weeds!

With little tricks and useful tips you can easily create a lovely container garden. But there are certain specific mistakes every gardener must avoid while growing plants in containers.

Do Not Use Wrong Containers

When repotting the plant in the new container never use a wrong size container. Choose a container about 1 to 1.5 inch bigger than the current container.

Never Re-use Old Soil

The nutrients leach from the soil and disease and bacteria can be spread. Fresh containers deserve fresh soil.

Do not Use Dirty Containers

Containers should be new or at the very least cleaned thoroughly with a garden hose to avoid the spread of bacteria that might have killed the plant previously in that container.

Do Not Plant Too Deeply

The rootball of the plant should be level with the soil. Planting too deeply can create an area for bacteria to grow around the base of the plant and restrict airflow to the root system.

Do not Combine Plants in One Container

Combining plants with different light and moisture needs. When combining plants into one container it’s important to match plants that have the same sunlight and water needs. If not the container mixture will not perform well together.

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