Wedding ceremonies are one of the most symbolic occasions. Symbolism is found in everything from the rings to the flowers representing the couple’s commitment of everlasting love. Flowers are used in ceremonies symbolizing the eternal love.

When choosing wedding flowers, the most important consideration may be the colors of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, but you should also consider the symbolic meaning of the flower.
Here are some of the most popular choices for wedding flowers and their potential uses.

The rose is perhaps the flower most widely used in weddings. In many past and present cultures, the rose is a symbol of love, emotion and beauty. The fact that roses are available all year and come in a wide variety of colors to match any design scheme doesn’t hurt, either.

Tulips and calla lilies are two of the most popular wedding flowers produced by bulbs or tubers. Tulips symbolize all-consuming love, and they are a meaningful choice to include in the floral arrangements. Their wide range of colors spans from white to reds and purples, and they are very versatile and available all year.

The calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty and is a good choice for wedding bouquets and arrangements. The flowers open upwards into an elegant trumpet shape, and they can be an elegant choice for boutonnieres as well.

The wedding flower with the most sought-after scent is the gardenia, which came to us from South Africa. Gardenias have thick, waxy leaves and a heady fragrance. They make sweet-smelling corsages or fantastic additions to bouquets. The pure white flowers symbolize purity and joy and must be handled gently.

Yellow roses or chrysanthemums may look perfect with the attendants’ gowns, but those in the know realize they give the negative messages of jealousy and slighted love, respectively.

On the contrary, a cactus plant’s rough exterior and prickly spines do not convey the message of warmth and therefore these plants are never used in weddings.

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